Most Adults Prefer Netflix Over Other TV Providers According to New Survey

Most Adults Prefer Netflix Over Other TV Providers According to New Survey

By Tess Farrand, Contributing Writer

After an 8-hour work day or a long day of classes, most Americans search for a way to unwind from the trials of the day. How are American’s relaxing in the 21st century? Well, one click of a remote or computer mouse is all it takes to get absorbed into the screen …

A recent article by Variety catalogs a study conducted by Cowen & Co. about which medium, (Netflix, YouTube, Cable or Broadcast) is most popular with audiences. Netflix was ranked number one by with 27% of the 2,500 adult participants.

Netflix’s popularity has soared in recent years due to the vast amount of content available. Additionally, Netflix Originals help to cultivate an exclusive demand for audiences. As reported by Variety, Netflix plans to spend $13 billion on innovative content in 2018. Far more than any of its competitors.

2018 marks the twenty-first year since Netflix’s inception. Since then, its service has taken over the cultural landscape of America. Phrases such as “Netflix and Chill” or “Netflix Cheating”, are staples in the vernacular.

As Variety reports, Cowen & Co. notes, “When looking at adults 18-34, Netflix’s lead is even more dramatic: Nearly 40% of those in the younger demo said Netflix is the platform they use most often to view video content on their TVs — well ahead of YouTube (17%), basic cable (12.6%), Hulu (7.6%) and broadcast TV (7.5%).”

The survey results show millennials (ages 18-34) are the leading demographic for the use of Netflix over the other popular viewing mediums. When reflecting on why this is so it makes sense. The twenty-year history of Netflix shows that this generation has not known a life without Netflix’s services. The streaming feature of Netflix was introduced in 2007 and revolutionized viewers’ control over what to watch and when. When compared to mediums such as broadcast or cable, Netflix allowed the viewers to select when and what to play instead of waiting for a certain time to screen popular hits.

YouTube and other streaming platforms like Hulu and Amazon Video follows this in a similar way where the click of a mouse opens a realm of content possibilities. Not surprisingly, YouTube’s popularity with 11% of the total surveyed adults shows that the medium will only increase in the coming years. Many of the broadcast networks and major studios are creating their own subscription-based streaming services to compete with companies like Netflix. CBS All Access offers CBS’s wide variety of shows, as well as the new Star Trek TV series STARK TREK: DISCOVERY, which is only available on CBS All Access. Warner Bros is also preparing to launch a service for their DC Comics brand titled DC Universe, and Disney will have their own original streaming content by 2019, including a live-action STAR WARS series. Apple is also preparing to spend $1 billion on original content for its platform Apple Music. For now, Netflix is still the company to beat.

Of course, Netflix considers the possibility of their expansion internationally. Cowen & Co., “expects Netflix international subs to grow from 83.6 million at the end of 2018 to 255.2 million in 2028 (up from its previous estimate of 243.9 million).”

The question is, can Netflix continue its growth and spending habits, especially in light of the controversy surrounding content offered by the streaming service. The most recent of which includes accusations that it offers a foreign movie that includes child pornography, links of real-life suicides to the popular TV show 13 REASONS WHY and a new transvestite animated show called “Super Drags.” While Netflix is growing in subscribers, more and more families are canceling their membership due to a lack of original TV content geared for the whole family, not to mention the dangerous and offensive content already advertised on Netflix.

The good news for families is that as the competition grows for Netflix, the company will be more pressured to offer content that everyone loves and not just edgy content for niche audiences. If they don’t, another company will.

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