Why Movieguide®?


Why Movieguide®?

Movieguide®, the family guide to movies and entertainment founded by Christian leader Dr. Ted Baehr, is approaching its 30th year of redeeming the values of Hollywood, the center of the world’s mass media of entertainment.

Back in 1985 when Movieguide® began, there were, at the most, only one or two major animated movies for families. This year, there are more than 18 such movies. Also, in 1985, 46.7 percent of the movies released theatrically were R-rated, but in 2013, only 31.1 percent of the theatrical releases were rated R.

Back in 1985, only about 1.5 percent of the movies released contained at least some positive Christian, redemptive content. In eight years, that percentage would climb to 10.38 percent and, by 2009, the percentage was climbing regularly past 56 percent and even past 60 percent.

Meanwhile, Hollywood is set to release more biblical and faith-based movies in the next few years than at any time since the 1950s

Why is this happening?

Because, for more than 20 years, Movieguide® has been meeting with and showing Hollywood executives, producers, writers, and directors that family-friendly movies with strong Christian, redemptive content earn three to seven times as much money as movies with strong Non-Christian, or even Anti-Christian content, with explicit sex, nudity, gory violence, substance abuse, and other immoral content.

In fact, since Movieguide® began the Epiphany Prizes for Inspiring Movies & TV Programs with strong Christian, redemptive content in 1996, the average earnings of movies with very strong Christian, redemptive content or worldviews has grown from only $21.14 million per movie in 1995 to more than $80 million in 2013! And, that only represents what such movies earned in the United States and Canada. It doesn’t include what they earned overseas or on home video.

For example, LES MISERABLES, the $100,000 Epiphany Prize winner for 2012, has earned $148.8 million in the U.S. and Canada, but $293 million overseas and $29.3 million in DVD sales.

In comparison to the U.S. and Canadian figures above ($80.07 million on average in 2013, $148.8 million for LES MIS, $291 million for MAN OF STEEL (where Superman went to a Christian Church to get advice), and $91.4 million for this year’s HEAVEN IS FOR REAL), movies with very strong Non-Christian or Anti-Christian worldviews averaged only $21.64 million at the box office in 2013.

Furthermore, 2013 movies with very strong violence averaged only $30.18 million in the U.S. and Canada, while movies with explicit full nudity averaged $31.6 million, movies with more than 25 obscenities and profanities averaged $30.2 million, movies with extreme sexual content averaged only $17.85 million, and R-rated movies averaged only $21.34 million.

In the past 10 years, movies with very strong Christian, redemptive worldviews averaged $74.89 million per movie in North America. In the last five years, however, such movies averaged at least $86.63 million.

According to the Motion Picture Association of America, Hollywood spends up to $100 million or more producing, distributing, and marketing the average movie. The annual budget for Movieguide®, however, is only about $2.5 million.

Yet, if you look at the above numbers for movies with very strong Christian, redemptive worldviews, each $1,000 donation to Movieguide® can generate up to $1,567,314 in box office earnings for movies with strong Christian content just in the U.S. and Canada alone!

These numbers don’t lie. Neither do the ratings numbers for such faith and family friendly television programs as The History Channel’s recent BIBLE miniseries, or A&E’s popular DUCK DYNASTY program.

In fact, in 2013, THE BIBLE miniseries was viewed by more than 100 million people overall. Multiplying those people by last year’s average ticket price in the USA, $7.84, results in a total potential earnings figure of $784 million!

Clearly, the impact and cost effectiveness of Movieguide® and its efforts to reach Hollywood filmmakers through its Annual Faith & Values Awards Gala and Report to the Entertainment Industry, personal meetings, and other activities and projects is inescapable and incredibly striking.

Movieguide® (www.movieguide.org) deserves the support of every concerned citizen and group who cares about the future of our media and the culture it creates, especially since the mass media of entertainment has become the primary teacher of our children and grandchildren!

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