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Christian Media Evangelist Teaches for Second Time in Russia

Hollywood, Calif. – Christian media evangelist and family advocate Dr. Ted Baehr, founder and chairman of the Christian Film & Television Commission® (CFTVC), is speaking for the second time this year in Russia.

Beginning Friday, Dr. Baehr has spoken in four cities there, including Moscow, Rostov, Uglich, and Vologda. Monday, he attended the opening of the Russian Film Festival in Rostov, where he showed FOR GREATER GLORY, the movie about the Catholic uprising in the 1920s against a Mexican socialist tyrant.

“Who would have thought that Russia would be asking for media and cultural wisdom from a Christ-centered, Gospel oriented perspective?” Dr. Baehr asked.

The Russian response to Dr. Baehr’s teaching on filmmaking and how to be media wise and transform the culture through the media has been so great that CFTVC has established a Movieguide® outlet in Russia. Movieguide® is CFTVC’s family guide to movies and entertainment.

Dr. Baehr said Movieguide® Russia’s officer in Moscow, Alexey Komov, reports that people are desperate to hear Movieguide®’s ideas, lectures, and the Gospel of Jesus Christ.

In Uglich, Dr. Baehr and CFTVC Vice President Robert Baehr spoke to more than 300 youths, students, cultural leaders, artists, and mass media leaders. They also spoke to more than 150 local leaders, officials, businessmen, and intellectuals, including Mayor Sergey Maclakov.

The next day they were interviewed for several hours on the web television program of the Archpriest Reverend Father Dmitry Smirnov about redeeming the mass media of entertainment, making popular movies, and teaching children to be culture wise.

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