Movieguide® World Tour 2013

Movieguide® is much more than a U.S. based ministry. Did you know we have affiliates, offices and requests for offices at their request in Germany, Japan, Korea, Russia, and India? We’re changing the world through the media, and we might be in your neck of the woods in the coming months.

Dr. Baehr’s first stop will be at the annual Fellowship of Companies for Christ International meeting in Maui, Hawaii. He will teach top Christian business owners from around the world how to tell their story based on his best-selling book “How to Succeed in Hollywood Without Losing Your Soul.” The conference is from September 22-26 and more information can be found here



The next stop will be in Greece where Dr. Baehr will speak at the upcoming forum to be held October 2-6.   This is an amazing opportunity to speak to the cultural, intellectual and business elite of the world.  The conference is stacked with many speakers promoting current fashionable political and religious ideologies.


The main speaker is Noam Chomsky, the American far left political critic and activist known for his anti-American and anti-Capitalist views. Dr. Baehr will be spreading the Truth of God’s love and grace during this conference so we can change the tide of self-destructive world-views thought among these intellectual elite and point them to the true answer to society’s problems, Jesus Christ.



In October, Dr. Baehr and his son Robby, who runs operations at Movieguide, will travel to South Korea to visit the Korean offices of Movieguide. Korea has a large movie industry and Movieguide is working hard to make sure the Korean public is educated on media wisdom.

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