MOVIEGUIDE® Petition Signers Have Victory

On behalf of Dr. Ted Baehr and Movieguide®, longtime family film advocate Pat Boone spoke with Dan Glickman at the MPAA about the thousands of signatures sent to Movieguide® demanding that the MPAA ratings board rate all movies and be concerned about protecting the eyes of innocent children. The recently “Not Rated” movie ANTICHRIST is the impetus for this outcry.

Glickman assured Boone that he will have the movie ANTICHRIST reviewed again and if it contains the kind of content described, he will send out a warning to theaters, but that the MPAA could not rate a movie that was not submitted for a rating.

“This is a major victory for families, if Mr. Glickman sends a warning to theaters,” Baehr says. “However, by allowing producers to opt out of the rating system, the MPAA has made it possible that a movie like ANTICHRIST with pornographic scenes and genital mutilation can be viewed by anyone of any age. Therefore, Pat Boone is urging Mr. Glickman to fulfill the mandate of the MPAA to protect families by sending the warning about ANTICHRIST with a notice to theaters reminding them not to play unrated movies.”

The best solution would be for the MPAA to rate ANTICHRIST NC-17. An NC-17 rating says that no one under 17 will be admitted to the movie, even if accompanied by an adult. Further, many movie theaters will not show NC-17 movies because of the content.

The movie ANTICHRIST, which Dr. Baehr says is “the most horrific movie I’ve ever seen” opened on October 23, 2009 as “Not Rated” as Baehr and Movieguide® collected thousands of name on a petition to have the movie rated NC-17.

Boone says, “It’s not much of a rating system if a movie can choose to just be unrated.”

Dr. Baehr adds, “ANTICHRIST should have received an NC-17 initially but that’s never good for business. The distributor, IFC Films/IFC Entertainment, knew that a movie with graphic genital mutilation would not receive a R? So they essentially passed on asking the MPAA to rate ANTICHRIST. But now, that’s being reconsidered by the MPAA, and we are grateful at least for that.”

By being “Not Rated,” the movie can be attended by anyone with no age restrictions. Boone says, “So a 10 year old boy who sees the sexy poster can attend. And see what? A storyline that says all women are evil with shots and images right out of a pornographic movie.”

A R rating restricts the movie to those over 17 years of age, unless accompanied by an adult. An NC-17 goes one more step to say that no one under 17, even with an adult, can view the movie. There are far too many parents who take their young children to abhorrent sexually violent movies. Recently, Barry Koltnow, the movie reviewer for the Orange County Register, wrote an article about “stupid” parents who take their children to horror movies like ANTICHRIST, referring to a woman who took her five-year-old to a violent perverse movie. Little children get their scripts of behavior from what they watch; in other words, they learn by example, or as the Bible says, “Bad company corrupts good character.” (1 Corinthians 15:33)

Worse, however, it will be shown on cable systems. The cable system Showtime is showing the abhorrent pedophile, child rape movie HOUNDDOG, which MOVIEGUIDE(r) stopped at the theaters.

Finally, with the NC-17, the distributors will not have the power to show it at schools.. This is very serious because there are many perverse teachers who may have shown it, and without the NC-17, parents will have little credibility to stop it. Of course, there will also be many curious teenagers who will rent it but the NC-17 is supposed to stop them at the rental counter.

The ANTICHRIST petition was part of an ongoing campaign to get a standards based system in place with the MPAA. ANTICHRIST proves that the MPAA is not an effective regulatory group if any movie wants to opt out of being rated.

Dr. Baehr adds “Knowing there are good people like you standing with us, we will continue the fight.”

Movieguide® has long called for a change in the way MPAA rates movies, wanting a standards based system instead of the sliding scale method they use now.

“We ask the MPAA to hear the cries of the parents who are concerned about what shows in their local theaters. We are saying if MPAA is going to be the watchdog and hand out ratings, they need to be objective and the system has to be based on standards,” Dr. Baehr says.

Movieguide® is still collecting signatures on the petition by clicking HERE.

Movieguide® encourages those who care about protecting to families to stand with us financially in our work so we can have even greater victories. For more information about this, click HERE..