Movies to Catch on Netflix Before They’re Gone in June!


Movies to Catch on Netflix Before They’re Gone in June!

Netflix is saying “goodbye” to a lot of movies when June hits. Here are a few movies you should make sure to watch before they’re gone!

1. CLEAR AND PRESENT DANGER. -2 Content “Extreme Caution”. **** Quality.

In CLEAR AND PRESENT DANGER Jack Ryan (Harrison Ford) is promoted from analyst to deputy director of intelligence for the CIA and finds himself thrust into one of America’s most dangerous conflicts: the war… READ MORE.

2. GROUNDHOG DAY. -1 Content “Caution”. **** Quality.

Being forced to live the same day repeatedly, Phil Connors (Bill Murray) learns that there has to be more to life than a meaningless GROUNDHOG DAY. Set in Punxsutawney, Pennsylvania, Phil, a TV weatherman, has been sent to cover the annual Groundhog Day festivities and finds himself caught in a time… READ MORE.

3. LASSIE (1994). +2 Content. **** Quality.

“Children are supposed to have a dog — it helps them grow up right,” argues seven-year-old Jennifer Turner to her family when she finds a collie that she names Lassie left homeless by an accident in the exciting Paramount picture, LASSIE. The Turners find Lassie as they… READ MORE.

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