Will Narnia Sequel Be a Reboot?


Narnia Sequel to be a Reboot?

By Connor Gunnlaugsson, Contributing Writer

THE CHRONICLES OF NARNIA, a series of seven novels written by C.S Lewis, are more recently familiar as the movies THE LION THE WITCH AND THE WARDROBE (which follows the Pevensie children as they discover Narnia and, ultimately, end up as heroes of the land); PRINCE CASPIAN (which follows the Pevensie children’s return to Narnia in order to help Prince Caspian regain his throne from his uncle, King Miraz); and, THE VOYAGE OF THE DAWN TREADER (which takes place three Narnian years after the events in PRINCE CASPIAN).

These three fantasy/adventure movies (all of which received MOVIEGUIDE® Awards and even Prizes) have earned more than $1.6 billion dollars worldwide! It only makes sense, therefore, that the filmmakers are eager to continue on with the series.

Back in 2013, producer Mark Gordon made several fans elated with his news that his company had acquired the rights to adapt a fourth movie from C.S Lewis’ book, THE SILVER CHAIR. Now, Gordon has announced that plans to make the movie are underway and should be happening “very shortly.”

He also stated that he and his company “are excited” to make the next epic movie in such a thrilling saga. When asked whether or not any of the original actors from the previous three movies (e.g. Georgie Henley as Lucy, Skandar Keynes as Edmund, Anna Popplewell as Susan, and William Moseley as Peter) would return to reprise their roles, Gordon firmly said “No,” and that the movie would be “all original. All original characters, different directors, and an entirely new team.” When asked what he meant by “original,” Gordon went on to say that characters from “Lewis’ books that have yet to appear onscreen” would be in the movie “as opposed to inventions of the screenwriter.”

Fans of the series are likely to experience fresh new characters and potentially an entirely new style.

THE SILVER CHAIR novel is set primarily in Narnia, only decades after events in THE VOYAGE OF THE DAWN TREADER take place. King Caspian’s son, Prince Rilian, ends up missing. Aslan sends for two children in England, Eustace Scrubb and Jill Pole, to help bring back the lost prince.

It’s unclear how closely the movie will follow events in the book, but, nonetheless, fans will be delighted that another Narnia film is in the process of being made.


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