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Neal McDonough Credits God for Career Success: ‘All Because of Him’

Photo from Neal McDonough’s Instagram

Neal McDonough Credits God for Career Success: ‘All Because of Him’

By Movieguide® Contributor

In a recent interview, actor Neal McDonough revealed what it’s like to “dig in” to his role as The Benefactor (the devil) in Angel Studio’s upcoming sci-fi thriller, THE SHIFT.

The actor also credited God for the blessed life He gave him.

“It’s all because of Him,” he said. “And least I can do is give glory to him in everything I do. God first, me second, family first, me second. And the productions that we choose to give glory to Him in that also. So that’s my goal, and it’s working so far.”

“Everyone has ups and downs, but if you have an unwavering faith in God and then family and things like that it makes life a whole lot more enjoyable, even when the times don’t go so well and also when times are really fantastic,” McDonough previously told Movieguide® at the 27th Annual Faith & Values Awards® Gala. “You always realize that you’re here because God put you here. Enjoy the moments.”

About his role, McDonough said, “Someone has to be the darkness in a show to make it even lighter, so I pride myself into villains where I will go as dark and as evil as I have to, to make it the good guy that much gooder.”

The actor gives each of his roles his full effort and concentration. Despite the numerous nefarious characters he has played, McDonough says this actually has a positive effect on him.

“I’m never one to kind of mail in a performance. I like to dig into a character and live that character as the method actor that I am, to really just like ingest it and live in that character for a while,” he continued.

“And when you play The Benefactor in THE SHIFT, who’s basically the devil, to be in those shoes, in your brain, of ‘Okay, where do you go with these things?’ It truly makes you realize how fortunate you are. Especially in my life, how blessed I am to have all these things—an amazing wife, five fantastic kids, the career that I have. Everything,” McDonough finished.

Movieguide® previously reported on his role in THE SHIFT:

As McDonough portrayed his role of the devil, he began to reflect on his life.  

“When I get to play a character like this, that’s the devil, I got to learn so much about myself, about how blessed I really am in my life,” he stated…

“When I get to play characters like this, it just makes me just delve into how horrible life can be at times, but how amazing life can be when you have a company like Angel Studios or if you have entertainment out there that actually has a place where you can talk about things and talk through these things and what you should do for kids or what you shouldn’t do and where goodness can lead you,” he stated enthusiastically.  

The actor shared previously that one of his acting strategies is that he always tries to keep his looks the same. This makes him easily recognizable and allows his acting to be the most remarkable thing about him.

“I generally have short hair, simple, but I let the action do the business instead of a different look. And I think that’s also worked in my favor. But I don’t like to overthink it,” McDonough said.

McDonough’s movie, THE SHIFT, will be available in theaters on Dec. 1, 2023.


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