New Attack on Christians – Just Shut Up!

Several churches in Phoenix, Ariz., San Francisco, Calif., and Lambeth, England are fighting new “noise abatement” orders from local city councils.


“The law is being used as a pretext to harass and silence Christian viewpoints not approved by the State,” said Andrea Williams, director of The Christian Legal Centre in England.

“Churches shouldn’t be punished for exercising their faith publicly,” adds Alliance Defense Fund Senior Legal Counsel Erik Stanley. “The law is unconstitutionally vague and has been abused to silence a form of worship that has peacefully sounded through the streets of our nation since its founding.”

Bishop Rick Painter of Christ the King Church in Phoenix was convicted and sentenced to a 10-day suspended jail sentence and three years probation for allowing his church’s electronic chimes to be heard.

– Sources: WorldNetDaily, 01/16/10.


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