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New Conservative Documentary Holds Premiere in Los Angeles

By Tom Snyder, Editor

A new conservative documentary, I WANT YOUR MONEY, which exposes the Big Government, socialist roots of the current economic crisis and calls for across-the-board tax cuts and massive spending cuts to revive America, held its premiere Wednesday night in Los Angeles.

Director Ray Griggs, the filmmaker behind the funny low-budget comedy SUPER CAPERS and an upcoming new version of WIND AND THE WILLOWS, introduced his new movie, which includes hilarious cartoons of political figures, especially President Reagan and President Obama, squabbling over their differences.

Of course, in the movie, it is Reagan, both in a cartoon version and in inspiring historical speeches from the past, who gives Obama, and the other Neo-Marxist socialist leaders running the Democratic Party these days, the lessons and solutions Americans need to get themselves back on track.

The premiere took place at the Directors Guild of America on Sunset Blvd. in Los Angeles, just blocks from the heart of Hollywood.

Griggs also showed a great looking teaser trailer from his upcoming project, WIND IN THE WILLOWS, at the premiere.

He told Movieguide® that, as soon as financing for that movie is completed, they will be using Weta Workshop in New Zealand, which did the effects for THE LORD OF THE RINGS trilogy and many other recent movies, for the creatures and special effects.

Griggs is a believer who said he wants to honor God with his movies. In fact, his first feature length movie, SUPER CAPERS, contains strong positive references to God, Jesus and prayer.

I WANT YOUR MONEY is planned for an October release, just in time for the November 2010 elections for Congress.

Look for the full interview with Griggs soon at www.movieguide.org.

To get a special preview of I WANT YOUR MONEY and WIND IN THE WILLOWS, please go to http://www.iwantyourmoney.net/ and http://www.thewindinthewillowsthemovie.net/.