New Faith-Based Streaming Service Available Through Answers in Genesis

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New Faith-Based Streaming Service Available Through Answers in Genesis

By Allyson Vannatta, Senior Writer

The group behind the Ark Encounter and the Creation Museum have launched a family-friendly streaming service called

Answers in Genesis created the platform to tackle topics that include social issues, science and Christian doctrine questions. The new service includes over 1,000 videos and live programming.

Ken Ham, CEO of AiG, said,

“Using the help of a supporter who is at the cutting edge of video streaming, we were able to launch earlier than expected and less expensively than originally anticipated. In fact, the creation of the platform and the loading of 1,000 videos were done in a remarkable four weeks, during the coronavirus shutdown itself. We’ll tackle tough topics such as social issues, science, Christian doctrine, questions like why God allows disease and death, and more.”

Ham added,

“Though these are very difficult times in the world, the timing of the release of enables us to reach many more people who are sheltered in place during the coronavirus. Of course, when things return to normal, people will still be seeking answers to life’s perplexing questions and will be there for them. So even as our attractions are temporarily closed, we can continue to present biblical truths and then into the future when the virus is behind us.”

The group used scientists, theologians and workshop leaders to produce the video content on the service.

The live program, which is no extra cost, includes concerts, lectures, wildlife programs, and current answers programs.

The press release also talks about other content families can enjoy on the streaming service:

The Answers News show will be a regular feature as it offers comment on the news that touches on the Bible’s authority, science, and social issues that the Bible can address. will also produce special science documentaries, animal shows featuring AiG’s enthusiastic zoo staff, and other programs. AiG’s observatory, planetarium, and laboratory classes will also be the setting for many special programs, in addition to the Ark and Creation Museum.

The faith-based streaming service costs $39.99 for a year subscription, which comes out to about $3 a month.

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