New SPIDER-MAN Toys Hint at a Confirmed Multiverse for Marvel’s NO WAY HOME

Photo from “Spider-Man: No Way Home” Instagram

New SPIDER-MAN Toys Hint at a Confirmed Multiverse for Marvel’s NO WAY HOME

By Movieguide® Staff

Marvel fans are excited as release dates and rumors continue to drop for the new phase of movies from the Marvel Cinematic Universe.

Recently, SPIDER-MAN 3: NO WAY HOME toys confirmed for die-hard fans that the third Spider-Man movie starring Tom Holland will feature the multiverse and several legendary villains. 

Total Film reported

A listing on Entertainment Earth (H/T r/MarvelStudiosSpoilers on Reddit) features two Spider-Man costumes and Mysterio as part of a No Way Home bundle. The description says there will be “potentially multiversal consequences” and that “each figure draws its inspiration from the movie – and potentially other movies too.”

Those who have been clamoring for the return of ex-webheads Tobey Maguire and Andrew Garfield will surely see their Spider-Senses tingling at those words. But, wait, there’s more.

The toys also make pointed reference to the pack including “sinister people” – a possible less-than-discreet reference to supervillain group The Sinister Six. Various iterations of the team across comics and games have starred the likes of Mysterio, Electro, and Doctor Octopus, among others.

Holland’s third Spider-Man movie is set to release in December, and fans hope that previous iterations of the web-slinger, like Tobey Maguire and Andrew Garfield, will appear. 

Although fans claim that the reported leaks confirm that NO WAY HOME will have multiverse crossovers galore, recently, former AMAZING SPIDER-MAN actor Andrew Garfield denied any contact with Marvel. 

Movieguide® previously reported

Marvel recently announced the upcoming slate of movies for Phase 4, including the newest Spider-Man movie, SPIDER-MAN: NO WAY HOME.

Set for a December 2021 release, rumors around who will appear in the next SPIDER-MAN movie have been abundant. One rumor claims that THE AMAZING SPIDER-MAN actor Andrew Garfield would return to Marvel’s newest iteration in the web-slinging franchise alongside Tom Holland.

However, Garfield claimed that these rumors were false.

“I can’t speak for anything else, but for myself. They might be doing something, but I ain’t got a call,” Garfield told MTV’s Josh Horowitz on Tuesday’s episode of the “Happy Sad Confused” podcast.

“I see how often Spider-Man is trending and it’s like people freaking out,” Garfield continued. “And I’m just like, ‘guys, guys, guys’ — I wish I could just be able to speak to everyone and say, ‘I recommend that you chill.'”

“I would’ve gotten a call by now. That’s what I’m saying,” Garfield said.

Holland’s previous Spider-Man movies were nominated for Movieguide® Awards for Best Movies for Mature Audiences.