NEWS: DreamWorks Animation ‘Shanghaied’

NEWS: DreamWorks Animation ‘Shanghaied’

DreamWorks Animation SKG is set to build an animation branch in Shanghai by the year 2016. It would be a complementary part of the theme park being designed there by Disney.

There will be a $350 million dollar investment into the studio, with about 800 employees will be hired. The entire complex will be known as the ‘Dream Center’ which will include the ‘Dream Walk,’ which will house the world’s largest IMAX theater which will be used for premieres and other events.

Deals in China have been making more progress in reaching the Chinese audience as the market for box office sales grows tremendously in that country. Last year, China’s ticket sales reached $2 billion, “making it the third largest market behind the U.S. and Japan, and the country is adding more theaters than any other country in the world.”

KUNG FU PANDA 3 will be made mostly in China as a co-production.

– Source:  Hollywood Reporter, 08/07/12.

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