NFL Long Snapper Puts Faith, Family Ahead of Football

Photo from Matt Overton’s Instagram

NFL Long Snapper Puts Faith, Family Ahead of Football

By Movieguide® Contributor 

NFL long snapper Matthew Overton recently reflected on what God has taught him about uncertainties and priorities, reminding him that his faith and family are more important than football. 

“Just like the effort we put into the gym, why couldn’t we put the same effort in to our faith,” Overton told Sports Spectrum.

God reminded him of the importance of faith and community with a Christian athletes conference he didn’t want to attend. 

“Leading up this conference, I was being very selfish with wanting to go train and not diving into my faith and go fellowship,” Overton explained. “And really just dive in with my wife. We needed that as a family, and we needed that as a couple, and we know how reenergized and refocused we get when coming to this.”

“So, I come in and I’m sitting there and I’m just thinking to myself, ‘Gosh, I really wanted to give this up for that,’” he recalled. “And I was just in the moment like, ‘God, thank you for my wife, for nudging me to come here.’”

“God doesn’t care about me going to snap a hundred balls. He cares more about me coming here to fellowship, to grow in my faith, grow in my walk, grow in my marriage with my wife and fellowship with new guys,” he continued. “And the conversations that took place around that table was like, ‘You have me right where you need me, right here. I don’t need to be training.’”

Overton openly shares his faith on social media. His Instagram bio reads, “Follower of Jesus.” 

Overton wrote in one of his posts, “Beyond blessed to see another day, to play the game we love, and to give Him the glory in it all. We are constantly reminded that the day is a gift, we don’t know what tomorrow holds, but we do know who holds it. Thank you, Jesus!”

Sports Spectrum reported that he is currently a free agent. 

“As I sit right here in this season of the unknown, it’s really cool to, you know, kinda see what God has to reveal,” he continued. “And it may happen. It may not, and I’m excited for it either way.”

In a July Instagram post, Overton shared how the uncertainty of his football career can be a challenge. 

“With the uncertainty of football and the season quickly approaching, I tend to apply more pressure onto myself as I stay ready for a possible opportunity,” he wrote. “More than often, I put training and snapping ahead of everything else. I selfishly think of myself over my family. Sure, it is important for me to work at my craft but not at the expense of my wife and girls.”

“God revealed something to me this past week. He reminded me that training more, snapping more and getting more reps in aren’t nearly as important as being connected and intentional with my family,” he added. 

Overton “first entered the league in 2012 with the Indianapolis Colts and was named to the Pro Bowl in 2013. After the 2016 season, Overton departed for the Jacksonville Jaguars. He has also had stints with the Seattle Seahawks, L.A. Chargers, Tennessee Titans, L.A. Rams and was with the Dallas Cowboys in 2022,” Sports Spectrum reported. 

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