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NY Giants Kicker Honors God After Game-Winning Field Goal 

NY Giants Kicker Honors God After Game-Winning Field Goal 

By Movieguide® Contributor 

Graham Gano, the New York Giants’ placekicker, helped the team secure the comeback win against the Arizona Cardinals, all while honoring God. 

“I learned to trust in the Lord in college,” the kicker expressed in a 2022 interview with CBN. A knee injury before his senior year at Florida State University led him to rely on God more than anything. 

“It all started there. That was really when the seed was planted in me to realize that God is the whole reason for everything. He’s the reason why I have this ability that I have. He’s the reason why I’m playing and the reason how I’ve got this far,” he continued.

“After I make a kick, when I do point up to the sky, I’m just giving God the praise,” Gano explained to CBN. “That’s my moment with Him on the field thanking Him for everything. If I miss a field goal, it’s not like I’m not giving the Lord the praise. I’m constantly thanking Him for giving me this ability, for keeping me healthy and keeping me out here.” 

“Whenever I make the field goal, I’m giving Him all the praise, because it’s not me that has made that field goal. It’s Him through me that’s given me this ability to make that kick,” he added.

“You have to trust in the Lord. No matter what,” he concluded. “Things aren’t always going to be going right like you want them to go. As long as you have faith and trust and you’re in your Word every day, even when you’re going through hard times or good times, praise God no matter what.”

Sports Spectrum reported, “Gano will seek to continue to do just that as he and his Giants teammates attempt to build on their first win of the season. They don’t have much time to celebrate Sunday’s thrilling victory, as they will remain out west to prepare for a matchup with the San Francisco 49ers (2-0).” 

“Love this team. Appreciate y’all @nygiants fans. Sounded like a home game for us out here today,” Gano shared on Instagram after his game-winning field goal. 

The kicker frequently uses his platform to share his faith with others. 

In 2021, Gano spoke to young athletes at a camp called “Camp Christ.” 

Camp Christ shared on their Facebook page, “Thank you to our guest speaker – Graham Gano of the New York Giants for taking the time today to speak to the camp about adversity & God’s plan.”

Gano also includes “Saved by Grace” in his Instagram and X bios. 

Watch tonight as the New York Giants face the San Francisco 49ers at 8:15 p.m. ET. 


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