Obama Supports Wannabe Dictator, Cuts Off Aid to Honduras Democracy

In a decision that’s sure to warm the murderous cockles of Communist dictator Fidel Castro’s heart, President Obama has apparently decided to cut off all non-humanitarian aid to Honduras. Apparently, Obama is upset because the police and military in Honduras enforced a legal decision by the Honduras Supreme Court to get rid of the leftist president, Manuel Zelaya, who tried to establish a dictatorship like those of Castro and Venezuela’s leftist leader Hugo Chavez.

Reportedly, according to Wall Street Journal reporter Mary Anastasia O’Grady, both Castro and Chavez have intimidated the other liberal and leftist governments in Latin America, as well as President Obama, to support Zelaya instead of promote liberty and truth.

Unlike Obama and Castro, the country’s leading Roman Catholic cardinal in Honduras has supported the democratic government there and its legal decision.

Clearly, to quote Ricky Ricardo, Obama’s got some real explainin’ to do!

– Sources: Newsmax, 09/03/09.