One More Time: Tim Allen Reflects on Christmas Role, Family, and Joy in Work

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One More Time: Tim Allen Reflects on Christmas Role, Family, and Joy in Work

By Allen Rushing, Movieguide® Contributor 

Actor Tim Allen recently suited up once more as Scott Calvin for the new Disney+ series, THE SANTA CLAUSES, which debuted on November 16, 2022.

The series, which was renewed for a second season this month, focuses on Scott Calvin’s desire to retire as Kris Kringle and the process of finding a Replacement Clause. Though the show’s premise is Santa’s wish to hang up his boots for the last time, Allen says he has a hard time relating to this.

In the Christian worldview, work is very good since God made it to be a good thing that reflects who He is; in this way, Allen’s joy in his work is an encouragement. The one and only voice of Buzz Lightyear and star of classic films like GALAXY QUEST and hit series such as HOME IMPROVEMENT and LAST MAN STANDING told Fox News Digital that he “can’t imagine what his life would be without acting.” Regarding his work, the actor said: “I love every second of it.” He went on to say that, “I don’t ever feel like I’m working so that I don’t know how to not do this.”

Originally donning the suit as Scott Calvin/Santa Clause in 1994, 28 years ago, Allen praises the value of family time by saying that “he was happy to have his daughter play his character’s daughter” in the new series and was elated to return to a franchise that he feels honors “the Christian tradition without heralding it,” remarking: “It’s a Christian holiday. So, we don’t belabor it, but we don’t ignore it.”

In reviewing the series from beginning to end, Movieguide® had this to say regarding its closing episodes and effectiveness at presenting Christmas:

THE SANTA CLAUSES: CHAPTER 5 & 6 are very entertaining, with some funny, heartwarming moments. They have a strong moral worldview that celebrates giving, hope, family, doing the right thing, and helping people in need….However, the episodes are marred by a false statement that “Christmas is about togetherness and community, spreading hope and joy,” instead of Jesus Christ, our Savior.

Although the only and true reason for Christmas is left out of this series, it is interesting that many people in our culture are still drawn to the moral worldview that comes out of following Christ. Indeed, the show has certainly not been ignored by viewers, since “the first two episodes of ‘The Santa Clauses’ pulled in audiences” and made it into the top ten in the Nielsen Ratings during late November. It is encouraging to see a lead actor focusing on many aspects that come out of the true reason for the season and to see that this message still resonates with so many viewers.

Though it has met mixed reviews from critics, The Wrap’s Lauren Plester had a more positive outlook, recognizing the series’ focus on the need for personal growth, even for Santa. She wrote that as “the hunt for the new Santa begins, starting with Peyton Manning”, the show manages to raise good questions and provide some thought-provoking answers, and “It’s actually the moments where the show comes up with something fresh that feel the most nostalgic.”

Regardless of where the upcoming second season may go, its lead’s unapologetic position on family, work, and the Christianity as the basis for Christmas is as refreshing as a mild winter’s breeze.

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