Oscar Bias Against Conservatives

** Oscar Bias Against Conservatives Nixes Award for Best-Selling Doc ‘2016’

The two conservative filmmakers behind this year’s most popular documentary, 2016: OBAMA’S AMERICA, claim political bias “against anything from a conservative point of view” is behind the Oscar snub of their movie.

2016 was deemed ineligible for the Best Documentary Oscar by the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences, even though it made more money at the box office, $33.4 million, than the combined earnings of the 15 movies deemed Oscar worthy.

“I want to thank the Academy for not nominating our film,” Dinesh D’Souza, the conservative pundit behind the movie version of his new book, joked.

“By ignoring 2016, the top-performing box-office hit of 2012, and pretending that films like SEARCHING FOR SUGAR MAN and THIS IS NOT A FILM are more deserving of an Oscar, our friends in Hollywood have removed any doubt average Americans may have had that liberal political ideology, not excellence, is the true standard of what receives awards.”

“Dinesh warned me this might happen,” Producer Gerald Molen, who produced the Oscar-winning SCHINDLER’S LIST said with a laugh.

“The action confirms my opinion that the bias against anything from a conservative point of view is dead on arrival in Hollywood circles,” he added. “The film’s outstanding success means that America went to see the documentary in spite of how Hollywood feels about it.”

Among the 15 movies deemed eligible by the Academy included movies with liberal, politically correct content like CHASING ICE, HOW TO SURVIVE A PLAGUE, BULLY, and THE WAITING ROOM.

Like Mr. D’Souza, MOVIEGUIDE® isn’t surprised by the Oscar snub for 2016. Being a liberal in Hollywood is like joining an elite club. So, many people working in the entertainment industry, especially people trying to establish a career in that industry, decide to join that club to get jobs, recognition, partners, and friendships.

Liberal blacklists against conservatives, which go back to the 1930s, have proven to be far more powerful than the specious anti-communist blacklist that had its heyday in the 1950s.

Ironically, when Communist dictator Joseph Stalin signed a pact with National Socialist dictator Adolph Hitler in 1939, many of the strongest leftists in Hollywood went along with it. Significantly, a new documentary on American history by leftist filmmaker Oliver Stone makes excuses for Stalin’s decision, a move that has had a long history among the Left in America and elsewhere.

– Source: The Hollywood Reporter, 12/04/12.

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