Patricia Heaton Mourns The Loss of Her Brother Michael With Heartfelt Post

Photo from Patricia Heaton’s Twitter

Patricia Heaton Mourns The Loss of Her Brother Michael With Heartfelt Post

By Movieguide® Contributor

Patricia Heaton recently shared a heartfelt post mourning the passing of her brother Michael, a reporter, writer, and columnist for Ohio’s The Plain Dealer.

“I’m still processing the fact that I will never see or speak to my brother again in this lifetime,” Heaton captioned a video of her late brother. “So for now here’s a beautiful interview of this very excellent human being.”

The clip showed footage from a 2012 interview conducted by local outlet WEWS-TV. In it, Michael talked about growing up with four sisters, including a famous one. 

“People always say, ‘Oh, you poor thing,’” he laughed.

However, Michael didn’t think of it as a bad thing. 

“I got my own room, no hand-me-down clothes, and I dated all their friends,” he joked. 

Michael also jokingly claimed to be responsible for Heaton’s Hollywood success.

“I have to take credit for all of her success,” he teased, explaining that Heaton followed him to New York City after he got a job with People Magazine.

After visiting him there, Heaton returned to college and changed her major from journalism to drama.

Her Hollywood success was not a shock to her big brother, saying he was “surprised and yet … not surprised.”

“We had a very funny family. Laughs were very important to us,” Michael added. “Humor really … helped us through [the death of their mother.]”

Please pray for Heaton’s family as they grieve this loss. 

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