Phil and Kay Robertson Reflect on Their Life Before Christ in THE BLIND

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Phil and Kay Robertson Reflect on Their Life Before Christ in THE BLIND

By Movieguide® Contributor

In a recent interview with CBN News, DUCK DYNASTY’s Phil Robertson and his wife Kay share their thoughts on the upcoming movie THE BLIND, which details their life before knowing Jesus.

“When I saw it the first time, I cried from start to finish because it was just so real and they were doing such a great job…playing us,” Kay shared. “And then it was like reliving the hardest time of your life, and even though you know the end, it’s still hard looking at it.”

Phil added, “It was embarrassing. For me, it just was embarrassing. When you tell people your sins, you’ve already told them to God—he knew them—but then when people say, ‘He did what? He was a drunkard and a heathen,’ it’s pretty tough to swallow.”

Despite the couple’s vulnerability, they hope their story leads others to accept Jesus.

“If one person is converted to Jesus Christ, understanding his sins, her sins, have been removed, and she has the Holy Spirit of God, she’s guaranteed to live forever Resurrection from the dead…if it converts one person, I’m like ‘hey rock on.’ If it converts a thousand, I’m like ‘rock on,’” Phil explained. 

Kay shared what her husband was like before coming to Christ. 

“He was pretty hard man. Distrusting, he didn’t trust anybody, didn’t trust me, didn’t trust anybody, but it was because he didn’t trust himself,” she said. 

“I do know that now, but he was very a jealous person and, you know, he just had some ‘devil qualities,’ I call them…I would tell the boys, you know, constantly that that’s the devil in him. He’s a good man, but the devil has got a hold of him,” Kay added.

“I basically was a sinful young man, no doubt about it,” Phil explained, per Movieguide®.

After finding a relationship with Christ, though, Phil’s life transformed. 

“If redemption can happen for me, it can happen for any of us. It’s hard for me to see what I once was, but I want you to know there’s hope for us all,” he added, according to Faithwire. 

THE BLIND will be available in theaters September 28.

Movieguide® previously reported on THE BLIND:

Phil shared “I love my family, and even though some of these stories are painful to relive, I’m so thankful that there was joy on the other side of sorrow,” he added. “I’m thankful for forgiveness, redemption, and a family that can come together after all these years and share some laughs and possibly some tears.”

Willie also commented, “Without what happens in THE BLIND, there would be no dynasty. This is a story you haven’t heard. We made this movie so people would know that if you’ve got troubles, there’s a way out.”

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