DUCK DYNASTY Family Talk About THE BLIND’s Redemptive Message

DUCK DYNASTY Family Talk About THE BLIND’s Redemptive Message

By Movieguide® Contributor

The Robertson family got together to record a podcast about their upcoming movie, THE BLIND, which follows Phil Robertson’s redemptive story.

“This was the first time the whole family has gotten together on camera since DUCK DYNASTY. I have to say there were some emotions, and I wouldn’t classify myself as the emotional type,” patriarch Phil Robertson said in an Instagram post.

“You’ve heard me say that sharing this part of my story is somewhat embarrassing to me, but I’ve come to peace with it,” he added. 

“In Revelation 12:11 it says ‘And they overcame him by the blood of the Lamb and by the word of their testimony.’ If my testimony can give hope to someone else who is struggling then it will all be worth it. It they can see God redeem such a man as I was then perhaps they will believe that he can do the same thing for them. He can and He will if you let Him,” he continued.

“I love my family, and even though some of these stories are painful to relive, I’m so thankful that there was joy on the other side of sorrow,” he added. “I’m thankful for forgiveness, redemption, and a family that can come together after all these years and share some laughs and possibly some tears.”

On the podcast, Phil’s brother, Si, shared what the movie meant to him.

“It was powerful,” he said. “When people first asked me about it…I kind of choked up, and I said, ‘Look, that’s my brother you’re talking about…how would you like to show the world in living color everything you’ve done wrong?”

Si explained that Phil’s story reminded him of how he turned to God at his lowest moments. 

“Who do you turn to? Well, you turn to Jesus, you know, and by the grace of God…he fixes everything,” he explained of the movie’s impact. 

THE BLIND tells the story of Phil’s journey to faith. At the darkest time in his life, he struggled with alcohol and staying faithful to his wife. Eventually, he gave his life over to Christ and was able to turn towards the light.

Willie Robertson previously shared that his dad was hesitant to turn his life into a movie.

“If we can show this and show how you were and show how your family was and how you had really messed everything up through sin…and show that you can be redeemed, I think at that thought [Phil’s] like ‘Well, if it helps someone…be open to the gospel and receptive,’” Willie said, per Movieguide®. 

“Without what happens in THE BLIND, there would be no dynasty. This is a story you haven’t heard. We made this movie so people would know that if you’ve got troubles, there’s a way out,” he added.

Movieguide® previously reported:

A movie based on DUCK DYNASTY star Phil Robertson’s troubled past is getting ready to hit theaters. 

THE BLIND will premiere September 28 in theaters across America and promises to tell the “true story of the Robertson family.”

Robertson struggled with alcohol abuse for years and was unfaithful in his marriage to wife Kay. His life turned around after he found Jesus. 

“I’m embarrassed by my past on one side, but on the other, I’m unashamed because my rotten sins have been bought and paid for by blood,” Robertson said in a statement about the movie. “If THE BLIND brings one person to know the power of the blood of Jesus, it was worth it.”

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