New Movie THE BLIND Promises To Tell The ‘True Story Of The Robertson Family’

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New Movie THE BLIND Promises To Tell The ‘True Story Of The Robertson Family’

By Movieguide® Contributor

A movie based on DUCK DYNASTY star Phil Robertson’s troubled past is getting ready to hit theaters. 

THE BLIND will premiere September 28 in theaters across America and promises to tell the “true story of the Robertson family.”

Robertson struggled with alcohol abuse for years and was unfaithful in his marriage to wife Kay. His life turned around after he found Jesus. 

“I’m embarrassed by my past on one side, but on the other, I’m unashamed because my rotten sins have been bought and paid for by blood,” Robertson said in a statement about the movie. “If THE BLIND brings one person to know the power of the blood of Jesus, it was worth it.”

He also shared THE BLIND’s poster on social media, along with a sweet message dedicated to Kay. 

“Miss Kay, I love you, and I’m grateful to my bones that you kept on loving me,” Robertson wrote. “My family is telling our story the way it needs to be told — raw moments, rough edges, good times and bad.”

Movieguide® previously reported on THE BLIND’s production:

Production has wrapped on the upcoming Phil Robertson biopic, THE BLIND. 

Distribution plans are still being finalized, but THE BLIND is set to release in theaters September 22, 2023. 

The movie, set in the Deep South in the 1960s, tells the story of Robertson’s life, including his struggles with addiction. 

“This movie shows me at my worst moments. It wasn’t easy for me to watch, especially at first,” Robertson said. “But The Blind is also a movie about love and hope. If a scoundrel like me can be redeemed, then believe me, so can you. There’s nothing you’ve done that’s beyond God’s grace.”

“It was important to us that the film be real,” said Willie Robertson, Robertson’s son. “The transformation of Phil proves that anyone can change and that there is always hope.”

“There is a large, underserved audience that deeply cares about the Robertsons,” said Zach Dasher, Roberton’s nephew and one of the movie’s producers. “This film shows the origins of this beloved family with an authenticity that will surprise and inspire millions of fans.” 

THE BLIND stars Aron Von Andrian, Amelia Eve, Brielle Robillard, and Matthew Erick White.