Phil Wickham Encourages Fans to Serve Communities God Placed Them In 

Photo from Phil Wickham’s Instagram

Phil Wickham Encourages Fans to Serve Communities God Placed Them In 

By Movieguide® Contributor

Phil Wickham shared a devotional from his new book, challenging his fans to consider the communities God has placed them in and the way they can partner with God to impact those around them.

“Take a minute to look around you at the place that God has called you to in this season. Wherever you find yourself, I want to remind you that anywhere and everywhere is a backdrop for God’s unfolding story,” Wickham said. “God’s power, artistry, miracles, love and grace are on the move all around you.”

“It doesn’t matter if you’re in a dorm room, at your kitchen table, in a hospital bed or on a vacation in Hawaii, when we see the world around us through the lens of the reality of a loving God, everything changes,” he continued.

“As we carry His spirit and love into the world, we become catalysts of holy change for the kingdom of God,” Wickham added. “Our presence turns coffee chops into cathedrals, [and] our homes become holy places. As we gather in the name of Jesus, sunsets aren’t just sunsets anymore; they are reminders of His beauty and artistry. When we look at things with this kingdom perspective, what we once thought of as mundane becomes rich with purpose, meaning, beauty and intentionality.”

This encouragement and reminder from Wickham is part of a devotional and album focused on the impact he can have on his hometown of San Diego and the similar impact his fans can have on their own communities.

Wickham released the “I Believe Devotional Album” earlier this month along with a YouTube message for each song. This coincides with his devotional “I Believe,” which is coming out in June and also corresponds to each of the songs on the album.


Movieguide® previously reported on Wickham:

Christian musician Phil Wickham recently opened up about the songwriting journey behind his latest 14-track album, “I Believe.”

Over two years ago, Wickham held a two-day song-writing session with Brandon Lake, Jonathan Smith, Steven Furtick and others. They wrote for more than 12 hours both days.

“I don’t think we even left to eat,” the singer-songwriter told Billboard.

Wickham credits his fellow writers for adding variety to the album. “Steven is a writer on so many songs that have just blanketed church music across the world. He understands how to dig deeper to find new ways of phrasing things,” Wickham said.

One of the album’s songs, “The Jesus Way,” first came about in 2020 as a poem. It serves as an acknowledgment of Jesus’ sacrifices and compassion.

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