‘Please Pray for Me’: Pitcher David Hess Diagnosed With Cancer Again

Photo from David Hess’ Instagram

‘Please Pray for Me’: Pitcher David Hess Diagnosed With Cancer Again

By Movieguide® Contributor

Baltimore Orioles Pitcher David Hess fought cancer once, and he intends to do it again.  

Hess announced in an Instagram post, “The light shows brightest in the darkest times…The last couple weeks have been a whirlwind for us with this cancer journey that seems to never want to end. We found out that inside my tumor was a very rare and very aggressive type of cancer called angiosarcoma.”  

He continued, “Along with that discovery, lung nodules have popped up that we aren’t sure what to make of yet but could potentially be angiosarcoma or could be inflammatory and much less concerning. With that new information we know that I’m going to have to do a sternotomy to remove the tumor, but first we have to remove and biopsy the nodules to see what exactly is going on. 

“Through this we are determined to be the light in the darkness and not be snuffed out by the circumstances,” Hess wrote. 

He concluded with Psalm 18 as an encouragement, “In the meantime, we have relied a ton on Psalm 18 to keep us rooted and keep us moving forward. Cancer is evil but we serve a big God who is working all this together for His glory!”  

David’s wife, Devin also shared on her Instagram the diagnosis of her husband. Devin asked followers for prayer, and she declared that God is bigger than anything they could ever face.  

Devin wrote, “This world is broken, but God’s love for us is FIERCE. My heart rejoices in His goodness and faithfulness in such a dark time. Please pray for David’s medical team to have discernment, please pray for our family, please pray for me and please pray for my guy.”  

Amid David’s fight with cancer, he’s used his current circumstances as an opportunity to share the Gospel.  

Hess told Sports Spectrum, “I’ve had countless conversations with people because they ask the same thing. They’re like, ‘How did you get through it?’” Hess said on the podcast. “And I’m like, ‘Man, God’s good. He cares and He loves us.’ And I get to kind of work that conversation into ultimately sharing that God loves you and cares for you and He wants the best for you. But ultimately, He wants a relationship with you more than anything else.”

David will have surgery on Tuesday as doctors work tirelessly to give Hess an opportunity at more life. 

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