Please Pray: Hobby Lobby President’s Baby Granddaughter to Undergo Chemo


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Zion’s cancer update: we are still home for now, and Zion is healing wonderfully from surgery. Since the tumor that was removed from Zion’s liver last Tuesday was indeed cancerous (hepatoblastoma) she will be doing some chemotherapy soon. While the entire tumor was removed successfully, the chemo will help ensure it does not come back. We thought we would be checking back into the hospital for chemo on Monday the week of thanksgiving, but the oncologist just called and we are able to delay the start of chemo to the week after thanksgiving. We are thankful we will be able to enjoy the holiday. Please pray for Zion’s body to continue to heal well from the surgery so that she is at her best when starting chemo. Also please pray for her during the 6 weeks that she is doing chemo. She will feel bad, but we are praying for comfort for her. I hate that she has to go through this, but we are grateful there is a very good chance this keeps the cancer from every coming back. Thanks friends. 🙏🏻 #hepatoblastoma #cancersurvivor #adoption #chinaadoption #cancer #chemotherapy #chemo

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God answered one of our prayers “No.” One week ago was surgery day for our little girl, Zion. They successfully removed the tumor from her liver. However, the cancer was active, though it does not appear to have spread. We had been praying she would not need any chemotherapy. God answered that prayer with “no.” Zion will begin chemo the week after Thanksgiving. So many of you have joined us in praying for her, and it has meant so much to us. If you would continue to pray for her over the next couple of months that: 1. The chemo would effectively kill off any rogue cancer cells in her body. 2. The chemo would not have any side effects that cause her unnecessary suffering. 3. There would be no need for any further chemo or surgery after this 6-week treatment. 4. While under chemo, Zion’s immune system will be essentially non-existent. Even a slight fever is a trip to the ER. Pray she does not get sick (or us). 5. We are grateful we will have a first thanksgiving with her we had imagined, but saddened we will not have the first Christmas we had always hoped. We will be mostly quarantined December-early January. Pray for us that we would use this unexpected time at home to honor the Lord and find out contentment in Him. Thank you all for your support! We are trusting God with Zion’s future, and ours.

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We previously reported on Zion’s cancer here and here.

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