Comedian Jerry Seinfeld Says Politically Correct Culture Is Ruining Sitcoms

Comedian Jerry Seinfeld Says Politically Correct Culture Is Ruining Sitcoms

By Jessilyn Lancaster, Managing Editor

Comedian Jerry Seinfeld says modern, politically correct culture ruins sitcoms.

“When we did my show in the 90s, it was so easy to make fun of things. It was so easy,” Seinfeld told Amy Schumer.

“You just knew what to do,” Seinfeld continued. “You know the angle you’re going to take and you know it’s going to be fresh and it’s going to be funny.”

SEINFELD, one of the most popular comedies in the 1990s, poked fun at nearly everything people today find offensive – politics, religion, race, gender, romance, and homosexuality, among other topics.

“You know exactly where their head is at,” Seinfeld said of older sitcoms. “We don’t know where anybody’s head is at now. In terms of 300 million people. Where’s their head at?”

This is not the first time Seinfeld called out PC culture.

“I have no interest in gender or race or anything like that. But everyone else is kind of, with their calculating—is this the exact right mix? I think that’s—to me it’s anti-comedy,” Seinfeld said in 2015.

“Funny is the world that I live in. You’re funny, I’m interested. You’re not funny, I’m not interested. I have no interest in gender or race or anything like that,” Seinfeld said in 2014. “It’s more about PC nonsense than ‘Are you making us laugh or not?'”

Despite his complaints, Seinfeld is still one of the most popular comedians right now.

Forbes ranked Seinfeld as the No. 2 highest paid comedian of 2019. Kevin Hart, who was recently injured in a near-fatal car wreck, was No. 1, while Christian, Jim Gaffigan came in at No. 3.

Gaffigan maintains fairly clean routines with jokes about his family and, of course, food.

Seinfield and Schumer even praised Gaffigan’s success on his recent Amazon special, QUALITY TIME.

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