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New Revolting Series on Netflix Rewrites History of Hollywood

Photo courtesy of Netflix on YouTube– HOLLYWOOD | Official Trailer | Netflix

New Revolting Series on Netflix Rewrites History of Hollywood

By Dr. Ted Baehr, Publisher

HOLLYWOOD, a new television series on Netflix premiering in May, focuses on a group of aspiring and legendary actors and filmmakers just after World War II. As most of the entertainment industry tabloids and trade papers have noted, the new series rewrites the history of Hollywood. The trailer is full of extremely bad language, constant sex and orgies. It’s a revolting introduction to the series.

My father, Robert Allen, aka Bob “Tex” Allen, was a star in Hollywood in the 1930s and starred on Broadway after World War II with several wonderful lead starring roles in Hollywood movies in the 1950s and 1960s. Many of his co-stars, such as Tyrone Power, John Wayne, Rosalind Russell, Lucille Ball, Roy Rogers, and others were friends. The Hollywood that made the big movies, directed by such greats as Cecil B. DeMille, Alfred Hitchcock and Frank Capra, was very pro-family and very Pro-Christian. Most of the studio executives were conservative, with the Warner Brothers stood against communism and supported the Catholic and Protestant church film offices.

Although the real Golden Age of Hollywood, when the movie studios reigned supreme, was in the 1930s, the studio dominance continued in the 1950s, as long as there was the Motion Picture Code. The Motion Picture Code guided them to avoid excessive sex and violence and to not disparage religion, faith and family. The code broke down in the 1960s as I have often noted because first the Catholic Church and then the Protestant churches closed their film offices.

So, this series, which features sex, drugs, perversion, and much more, is a complete lie about the nature of Hollywood at that time. Of course, like anywhere in the world, and in every industry, there was the good, the bad and the ugly, but the studios used their contracts with all involved in their movies and TV programs to keep the bad to a minimum and to hide illicit activity. The best movie about this is the very funny movie HAIL, CAESAR!

So, why would Netflix and others rewrite history? Because they’re pushing drugs and perversion on people of all ages in telling people that such self-destructive activity was normal at a time when it was not. It is hoped that the truth will be revealed, so that people avoid all these series and programs that are aimed at undermining faith and values.