Why THE CHOSEN’s Jonathan Roumie Believes His Journey Was ‘Designed by God’

Photo via Jonathan Roumie Instagram

Why THE CHOSEN’s Jonathan Roumie Believes His Journey Was ‘Designed by God’

Interview by Evy Baehr Carroll, Movieguide® TV Host

Copy by Allyson Vannatta, Senior Writer

In an interview with Movieguide®’s Evy Baehr Carroll, Jonathan Roumie of THE CHOSEN said he feels his journey was “designed” by God.

“I believe that God has had this plan for me from the time I was 12 years old,” said Roumie of playing Jesus in the breakout hit series THE CHOSEN.

Movieguide® previously reported how Roumie had next to nothing when he was about to give up his dream. It was when he surrendered everything to God that the Lord provided even more than he could imagine.

Now, Roumie said, “I found my mission, so I don’t stress about how I’m being taken care of, even in a pandemic I put all my faith, my trust in God.”

The actor had always had faith in God but revealed that his faith grew “exponentially” while working on THE CHOSEN.

The star uses his newfound platform to share his faith, and said he’s even been called a “media apostle.”

Roumie said the term is the “perfect kind of description for how I feel in my heart.”

His work in THE CHOSEN and being a “media apostle” has brought Christ to millions of people around the world. He even shared a story about the impact the show has had on its viewers.

Roumie said, “A lot of people say like, ‘I actually started reading my Bible for the first time, because the show got me interested in these stories in a way that I never thought I could relate to before.’”

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These testimonies are exactly what the people involved in the show hoped to see.

Roumie said the priority for the project, “Is about getting Jesus into the culture, first and foremost.”

THE CHOSEN is doing exactly that.

All episodes of season 1 are available to stream now when you download The Chosen app from the app store.

Viewers are also able to donate, if they feel convicted to do so, through the app. All donations go towards producing a second season of the show.

Roumie said they are halfway funded for the second season.

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