Why TROLLS: WORLD TOUR Is Unacceptable For Your Family

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Why TROLLS: WORLD TOUR Is Unacceptable For Your Family

By Allyson Vannatta, Senior Writer

TROLLS: WORLD TOUR made its on debut on video on demand this weekend, and the movie isn’t the family-friendly sequel audiences were hoping to get.

According to Movieguide®’s review, the first TROLLS featured a “strong moral worldview with strong redemptive elements about sacrificing yourself for your friends and love bringing joy.”

Sadly, TROLLS: WORLD TOUR does a complete 180 and leaves behind the TROLLS audiences loved.

According to Movieguide®’s TROLLS: WORLD TOUR review, the movie,

“Has a romantic worldview and follows almost every political correct statement of the current cultural malaise, mainly to say that we all need to accept imagined differences and allow people to indulge in self-destructive and culturally destructive behavior.”

The review also goes on to warn audiences that the movie provides messages about children being able to do whatever they want without consequences, along with characters experiencing a lower quality of life because they love different music styles.

Sound familiar to our current social climate?

Unfortunately, according to The Wrap, TROLLS: WORLD TOUR had the biggest opening day and weekend ever for a movie released digitally.

Now more than ever is a time for families to use discernment when choosing what their children will watch while cooped up in the house under safer at home orders.

Movieguide® founder and publisher Dr. Ted Baehr outlines how important educating the hearts and minds of our children is during the stages of cognitive development.

In this article, Dr. Baehr outlines the five keys of media wisdom to help educate parents on how to discern media their children are consuming.

When choosing movies for your family, always make sure to check Moviguide.org to see if it is family-friendly.

To find more information on media wisdom for families, visit Movieguide®’s parenting section.

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