Yes, There Is Bad in the Entertainment Industry. But, There Is Also Good News

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Yes, There Is Bad in the Entertainment Industry. But, There Is Also Good News

By Dr. Ted Baehr  

There is a trending article on Facebook written by someone who has not revealed his name about some of the bad things happening in Hollywood.  Of course, this is why we do our ministry, to redeem the values of the mass media of entertainment and to help you choose the good and reject the bad.  That said, we have reported on this issue trending on Facebook for many years.

Furthermore, there are always issues that come up that scare families and many other value-oriented people.  One of them is, of course, the fear of the progressive Marxists’ influence of the entertainment industry. Another more recent is the fear of the Chinese influence or some other ethnic group.  Another is the fear of Scientologists. Another is fear of perversity and aberrant worldviews and lifestyles.

Every time one of these issues comes up on a regular basis, some of our friends notify us with great concern. However, I try to point out that we need to put this in perspective, since as we are told repeatedly in God’s Word, we live in a fallen and sinful world. Too often the flesh, the world and the devil and his lies inflame the lust of the eyes, the lust of the flesh and the pride of life.

The sinful world does not occur solely in Hollywood.  There are Marxists, there is perversion, there are atheists, and many others in the pastorate, in the priesthood and in the church at large.  When I worked at Trinity Church at Broadway and Wall St. while pursuing ordination, the rector was a wonderful Christian man, and my immediate boss was a wonderful man, who was an atheist communist.  My wife asked how can a priest be a communist?  So, I arranged a lunch for my wife and the priest in the 1970s.  After she came back from lunch, she said “you’re right he is an atheist communist.”  He said he’s in the church because it’s a great institution to use to revolutionize society.

A friend of mine, who worked with me in the US Attorney‘s office in New York and stayed after I left, called many years later to warn me about all the priests and pastors who were being investigated for pedophilia.

All of this is to say that sin abounds. But there is an answer to the fallen, often barbaric paganism of everyone who has not been saved: introduce them to Jesus Christ, who is always ready to pull them out of the mire of the world, the flesh and the devil.

The people of God have the good news. I was a member of a Marxist organization when four women who came to Jesus Christ through the Billy Graham Crusade in New York persisted in preaching to me until I read the New Testament.  I was saved – by His grace alone.

Remember that pagans will be pagans if Christians don’t’ bring them to Christ.  The good news is that God is all powerful, always available and always willing to empower us to take every thought captive for him.

We have seen some dramatic positive changes in Hollywood.  At our Annual Faith & Values Awards Gala & Report to the Entertainment Industry, we’ve seen many of the top filmmakers in the Entertainment Industry change from making many sleazy movies to making family faith filled movies and television programs. They thank us year after year for helping them.  We have seen Marxists, drug addicts, Muslims, and many other people come to Christ, and start making movies with strong Christian content. We did not have to harangue them, but they were saved by His grace alone.

When we started MOVIEGUIDE® in 1985, the major studios in Hollywood released few movies with any positive Christian content or values at all – less than 1% and often only one or two!  Incredibly, in 2019, at least 169, or 63.77%, of the major movies released theatrically by the movie industry contained at least some positive Christian, redemptive content.  That’s a numerical increase of 526% and a percentage increase of 514%! Also, when we started in 1985, less than 6% of the major movies were aimed at families.  In the past 10 years, movies marketed to families have increased to nearly 40% of the top movies released in your local movie theaters.

So, here are the solutions to the latest scare:

  1. As every book of the Bible says “fear not”, God is omnipotent, omniscient and omnipresent, you are part of His plan and you are more than conquerors by His grace;
  2. When you hear about these issues, pray. God hears your prayers, and He’s answering your prayers right now.
  3. Choose the good and reject the bad even if the bad are just rumors or gossip blown out of proportion.
    One of my friends is always telling me, “I saw this terrible television program,” and then I ask, “Why would you bother to watch it when you have so many good program choices?”
    They reply that they wanted to see how bad it was.  We don’t need to choose the bad just to see how bad it is. We don’t need to focus on the bad. When we do so, we are voting for the bad, and so the entertainment industry will make more of it.
    The Bible tells us that we live in a fallen world.  Piaget said the difference between a man and animal is that an animal has to put a foot in the trap to know it is a trap:  a man can learn from a secondary source.
    The ultimate source is the Bible to know where the trap is, and the second-best secondary source is Movieguide.org® for reviews and news from a biblical perspective.
  4. Help us to continue to redeem people in the entertainment industry to the good, the true and beautiful especially to Jesus Christ
  5. Use these moments to help others understand that there is bad in the entertainment industry, and that MOVIEGUIDE® is a solution. Many people have become desensitized to the bad, and you need to break the spell of their blindness.
  6. Help your neighbor, friends, community, and politicians understand that they can be set free from bondage to the world, the flesh and the devil because Jesus is always offering each of them a more abundant life.

Thank you so much. You have the answers. There are more. So, go forth and transform the world.

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