Popularity of Collectable Popcorn Buckets Booms in 2024

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Popularity of Collectable Popcorn Buckets Booms in 2024

By Movieguide® Contributor

Themed popcorn buckets are not a new trend in the movie theater business, but their popularity has boomed recently.

According to Google Trends, search interest in the term ‘popcorn bucket’ went from basically negligible between 2004 and 2022 to slightly more appealing in 2022 and 2023 to hugely, shockingly popular in early 2024,” Eater reported.

This year’s DUNE: PART TWO launched the trend.

“The lid, which was meant to look like the maw of the franchise’s famous Shai-Hulud, was sphincter-esque with long bristles for the worm’s teeth,” of Eater wrote.

The next film to follow suit is DESPICALBLE ME 4.

The popcorn bucket is called “Baby Popcorn Carrier.”

The Discussing Film X page shared the bucket prototype, and many people commented their praise.

“Popcorn bucket wars weren’t on my bingo card but here we are,” a user by the name of “TheColeBrew” wrote.

Ben Everard also wrote, “All films should try and outdo each other with this. Makes it even more fun to go to the movies and adds a collectible component. Had to be there to get one.”

“Whoever’s marketing idea it was to make popcorn buckets cool is single handedly saving theaters from closing,” another user said.

Additionally, Fandango shared the popcorn bucket for INSIDE OUT 2, which has become a prized possession since the release of the film.

Per Collider, “It’s shaped like the control module in Riley’s mind, and it even has a cup holder (a reference from the film’s trailer). And unlike the other popcorn buckets with ‘questionable’ design choices, it seems Disney decided to keep it simple and family-friendly, while also adding a lid to keep the popcorn fresh all through the film.”

Movieguide® previously reported on National Popcorn Day:

National Popcorn Day is Jan. 19, and Cinemark theaters are ready to celebrate.

Per Box Office Pro, “Popcorn lovers will see discounts and multiple chances to win heaps of the buttery goodness, as well as have the ability to enjoy the golden deliciousness both in and out of the theater…To celebrate this most delicious holiday, all in-theater purchases of medium and large popcorn will be $2 off on Friday, January 19th only.”

There are even chances to earn free popcorn.

“Between now and Monday, January 22nd, all who place a mobile concessions order using the Cinemark website or app for in-theater consumption will be automatically entered to win free popcorn and Coke for an entire year in Cinemark’s Mobile Ordering Sweepstakes. Cinemark Movie Rewards members are also able to enter a member-only sweepstakes running now through Monday, January 22nd, where one lucky winner will receive a $500 Cinemark gift card and the opportunity to secure even more buckets of the golden snack,” Box Office Pro reported.

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