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President Trump Honors Conservative Actor Jon Voight with National Medal of Arts

President Trump to Honor Conservative Actor Jon Voight with National Medal of Arts

By Tess Farrand, Associate Content Editor

President Donald Trump honored conservative actor Jon Voight with a National Medal of Arts.

The White House says Voight was honored for his exceptional capacity as an actor to portray deeply complex characters.

“Captivating audiences, he has given us insights into the richness of the human mind and heart,” the White House said.

The National Medal of Arts is the highest award given to artists and arts patrons by the United States government. The National Medal of Arts is awarded by the President of the United States to individuals or groups who “are deserving of special recognition by reason of their outstanding contributions to the excellence, growth, support and availability of the arts in the United States.”

Voight has nearly 100 credits to his name, including patriotic movies like NATIONAL TREASURE, PEARL HARBOR and the upcoming pro-life movie ROE V. WADE. He also starred as legendary University of Alabama football coach Bear Bryant in the faith-based movie, WOODLAWN.

Voight, a longtime supporter of the president, encouraged Twitter to pray for the Commander in Chief earlier this year.

Voight believes in God and is a friend of Movieguide®.  On the red carpet at the 2019 Movieguide® Awards he said that mothers are, “God’s portrait of unconditional love.”

In addition to Voight, Trump will also issue the National Medal of Arts to the following recipients:

Alison Krauss for making extraordinary contributions to American music.  Blending bluegrass, folk, gospel, and country into a unique style, she has entertained and enriched the souls of millions.

Sharon Percy Rockefeller for being a renowned champion of the arts, generous supporter of charity, and a pioneer of new ideas and approaches in the field of public policy.

The Musicians of the United States Military for personifying excellence in music and service to country. From concert halls to warzones, these extraordinary patriots have inspired and uplifted their fellow Americans over generations with their incredible courage and breathtaking musical talent.

Trump will also issue a National Humanities Medal to the following recipients:

The Claremont Institute for championing the Nation’s founding principles and enriching American minds. Its publications and public events have deepened our understanding and appreciation of American freedom, democracy, justice, and rule of law.

Teresa Lozano Long for supporting the arts and improving educational opportunities. Through scholarships and philanthropy, she has helped America’s children and young adults learn the skills they need to succeed.

Patrick J. O’Connell for being one of the greatest chefs of our time. Through the Inn at Little Washington, he has raised the culinary arts to new heights of excellence by embracing regional flavors and championing local farmers.

James Patterson for being one of the most successful American authors of our time. His prodigious imagination has resulted in fascinating works that have been enjoyed by millions and his championship of literacy in America has inspired many to realize their potential.

Previous arts medal winners include Clint Eastwood, Morgan Freeman, Sally Field, and George Lucas, among others.