Randy Alcorn’s ‘Eternity’ now a graphic novel

Randy Alcorn’s ‘Eternity’ now a graphic novel

By April R. Phillips, editorial intern at MOVIEGUIDE®


            One of the hottest media formats today is now host to one of the biggest names in Christian writing — Randy Alcorn — in the June-release of the graphic novel, “Eternity.”

            Graphic novels, with their comic book-like illustrations, appeal to children and adults. Art Ayris, CEO and publisher of Kingstone Comics, recognizes that comics and Christian themes are booming.

            “Anywhere you want to look — TV and Internet shows, movies, books . . . “The Bible” as the number one-rated cable show, or the growing line of faith-based movies. Now — why not comics?” he said in a press release.

            Ayris aspires to promote the same level of design as is found in Marvel and DC comics, but with Christ-honoring content. Alcorn is a New York Times best-selling author.

            “Eternity” springboards off Christ’s parable of the Rich Man and Lazarus, from Luke 16:19-31. Alcorn ascribed traditional names, Phineas (and a nickname, Dives), to the rich man, although the Bible leaves him unnamed. The graphic novel follows the men’s diametrically opposed lives: Phineas lives in opulence and greed, while Lazarus, though sick and poor, reveres the Lord. When both men die, they find themselves in even more dramatically different places for eternity.

            Long-time comic artist Javier Saltares brought the story to life in the 128-page softcover book that retails for about $14-17.

            Comic books and graphic novels have an ability to reach those not fully acquainted with or persuaded by the Bible. In a recent interview, Ayris said that he likes to ask church leaders, “‘You are having a youth event. Lay Bibles on one table and comic books on another – where do you think the kids are heading?’ I think the graphic art helps shine the spotlight on the text.”

            “Today I got an e-mail from a Sunday School teacher who teaches single ladies,” Ayris said. “She taught her class with comics and the women were enraptured with them. One lady said, ‘I have always wanted to know the answer to this.’”

            “Eternity” and other Christian graphic novels and comics may be obtained at kingstonecomics.com. Selected works are also available at Walmart, through the ComiXology app, and on iVerse.

            To view a video trailer about “Eternity,” click here: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=PJsY0OKFBOc&feature=player_embedded 

For graphic, see http://kingstonemedia.com/images/Kingstone_release_May_2013.pdf

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