Ready for More Joanna Gaines? MAGNOLIA TABLE Renewed for Future Seasons

Photo from Magnolia Network’s Instagram

Ready for More Joanna Gaines? MAGNOLIA TABLE Renewed for Future Seasons

By Movieguide® Staff

In January, Joanna Gaines of FIXER UPPER fame announced her cooking show MAGNOLIA TABLE as one of the first shows released on the Magnolia Network preview featured on Discovery+.

The Hollywood Reporter recently confirmed that the Magnolia Network would add two more seasons to the tentpole series for Chip and Joanna Gaines’ network launch. 

THR reported

Like season one, which launched with Magnolia parent Discovery’s new streaming service in January, new episodes from season two will be arrive weekly on Discovery+. The premiere arrives April 9 on the Magnolia preview section of the platform. Season three of Magnolia Table is expected to drop three months later, when Magnolia Network officially debuts as a digital network ahead of its COVID-delayed linear launch in 2022.

Movieguide® previously reported on the Magnolia Network’s shifted schedule: 

Fans of former HGTV duo Chip and Joanna Gaines were excited to see a reboot of their beloved show FIXER UPPER and the new Magnolia network. However, the pandemic forced the renovation couple to revise, delay, and alter their original plan.

“Basically, COVID hit, and we quickly assessed and realized we were actually okay for October 4, but we probably weren’t okay for November 4, in that we’d shot one or two episodes and either paused [production] or completely stopped down,” Magnolia Network president Allison Page explained. “And so it was getting the scale that we want and need to put forth a holistic experience that ultimately delayed us.”

Due to the success of streaming during COVID-19 related lockdowns, the Magnolia Network will now launch digitally first as part of Discovery+ on July 15.

As a sneak peek, Food Network will run two episodes of Joanna’s new cooking show on April 10.