Release Date and Trailer Announced for THE NEW ABOLITIONISTS: ‘A Glimpse Into Four Anti-Sex Trafficking Ministries’

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Release Date and Trailer Announced for THE NEW ABOLITIONISTS: ‘A Glimpse Into Four Anti-Sex Trafficking Ministries’

By Movieguide® Contributor  

FREESTYLE DIGITAL MEDIA announced an official April 11 premier date for their new movie, THE NEW ABOLITIONISTS, as well as a first-look trailer.

THE NEW ABOLITIONISTS is a documentary which highlights the crusade to end sex-trafficking in Southeast Asia. The film is directed and produced by a mother-daughter duo, Christina Zorich and Olympia Dukakis, the Oscar winning star of Moonstruck, who died on May 1, 2021.  

In THE NEW ABOLITIONISTS, “Zorich journeys to Southeast Asia to investigate why and how sex trafficking flourishes in the ‘most trafficked’ region of the globe,” a statement revealed about the documentary. 

Zorich traveled through Cambodia and Thailand for seven years to document the fight against sex-trafficking. She surveyed four different Christian Ministries and nonprofit organizations in Cambodia and Thailand.  

Zorich dove deep into the issues behind sex-trafficking and created a safe space for the victims to speak for themselves, highlight the main conflicts, and find solutions.  

The survivors of sex-trafficking share their personal stories and the reason behind why they chose to “dedicate their lives to rescue, rehabilitation, and prevention,” a statement released about the documentary.  

“With this film, I set out to not only expose the causations of trafficking, but to reveal practical solutions,” Zorich said. “My hope is that learning from these brave abolitionists will inspire others to join the fight in whatever way they can.” 

On October 21, 2022, the film premiered in Santa Monica as part of KAT KRAMER’S FILMS THAT CHANGE THE WORLD which is an international film premier that showcases motion pictures and documentaries that promote awareness of main social issues.  

Zorich also aided as executive producer for the documentary. Producers are Susannah Barnes and Olympic Dukakis. The writers are Zorich, Laura Spaeth, Landon Satterfield, and Andrea Valentine. 

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