Roma Downey on Faith-Based Content: ‘People Are Hungry for God’

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Roma Downey on Faith-Based Content: ‘People Are Hungry for God’

By Movieguide® Staff

Roma Downey is no stranger to adapting stories from the Bible for the big and small screens. Most recently, the actor and producer, along with her husband film executive Mark Burnett, released the ultimate story of hope in RESURRECTION ahead of Easter.

For Downey, bringing quality, biblically grounded, and family-friendly content to audiences is one of her primary goals as streaming services become saturated with new content.

“If you’re a screenwriter, the Bible has everything,” Downey told Fox News in a recent interview. “There’s tension, betrayal, love, sacrifice, heroism, drama, danger – you name it. It has all the ingredients that make up a great story.”

Downey continued: “But it’s deeper than that. People are hungry for God. I think they’re hungry for hope. We’ve been so visual and there are so many streaming services now. There’s so much content available. But I think people truly want to see these stories on the screen. And the Bible is beautiful.”

One of the things that adaptions do is help audiences relate to the characters from the Bible.

“I think watching the Bible on the screen allows people to make a real emotional connection. And this story focuses on the disciples. We look back and see just how heroic and courageous they were. I’m sure they were scared to death and yet they persevered. And I think audiences can relate to that,” Downey explained. “We see ourselves in them and it makes us feel even more connected to the story.”

According to Downey, she initially wanted to release RESURRECTION during Christmas of last year. However, the pandemic forced Downey and her husband to change plans. Even with additional complications, Downey says she is thankful to work in the industry alongside her husband.

“It’s been a blessing. I have girlfriends who constantly laugh and say, ‘I couldn’t even hang wallpaper with my husband.’ Mark and I have worked together now for almost a decade. We started our production company, LightWorkers Media, and just watch it grow and expand. Every day, even on social media, we’re just committed to putting out positive content. We post scriptures, we post uplifting stories – just trying to add light to the world,” Downey said.

She added: “I think that’s very comforting, particularly in a year where, because of the COVID pandemic, we’ve all been isolated. We’ve all been disconnected from each other in some ways. We’re all ready to step out. We’re ready to see a resurrection in our own lives. And it’s comforting to be reminded that we are part of a greater family of 2.2 billion sons and daughters of a loving God.”

Watch the video below to see Movieguide’s interview with Downey.

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