Roma Downey Discusses RESURRECTION, Her New Movie Streaming on Discovery+ Ahead of Easter

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Roma Downey Discusses RESURRECTION, Her New Movie Streaming on Discovery+ Ahead of Easter

By Movieguide® Staff

Discovery’s new streaming service, Discovery+, is teaming with THE BIBLE producers Roma Downey and Mark Burnett for a new faith-based project, RESURRECTION.

Downey sat down with Movieguide® to discuss the importance of the greatest miracle in our world’s history. Downey noted that RESURRECTION is unique in that it starts with the crucifixion.

“I think so many films in the showroom often tell the story of the life of Jesus, the ministry of Jesus, and obviously the death, the passion of Jesus, and maybe end with the resurrection. But this time around, we decided to actually start our movie at the crucifixion,” Downey told Movieguide®. “The real drama picks up on those first few days after he’s died… They’re [the disciples] grieving, of course, because Jesus has been killed. They’re scared, they’re confused. They don’t know what to do next. They don’t know what the plan should be.”

Downey noted that they put as much care into the movie’s quality that they did in telling the compelling story of Jesus’ life.

“It creates a very dramatic film, it is compelling, it’s gritty,” Downey said. “We have the best special effects. The best music, a wonderful score by Hans Zimmer, and an amazing set that took over 500 workmen working around the clock for months to finish the temple. And then into that we placed these amazing actors in fine costumes. I think that the end product is that it’s really an authentic ancient experience that the audience is invited to step back in time.”

Although it is an authentic retelling of the historical event recorded in the Bible, Downey said it is meant to be enjoyed by the whole family.

“It’s my hope that families will gather around the television set together in the comfort and safety of their own homes, and start a, perhaps an annual tradition of watching this beautiful resurrection story together on TV,” Downey said.

It is also a reminder that Christians’ strength and courage come from the Holy Spirit that Jesus gave to believers after His resurrection.

“He [Jesus] reminds them that he will send the Holy Spirit to them, to empower them, to strengthen them and to inspire them,” Downey said. “It’s good for us to be reminded that the Holy Spirit, in the same way, is available to each of us, every single day, we just have to remember to ask.”

Downey said that while she hopes Christians tune into RESURRECTION, their goal is to continue to spread the Gospel to unbelievers.

“It began with the 12 disciples, and then it grew to a few 100, a few 1000, it went from that first-century beginnings to the 21st century [with] over 2.2 billion Christians in the world,” Downey said. “This is a great love story because it isn’t nails that kept Jesus on the cross, it was love for us.”

When fear and uncertainty are commonplace responses to the world, Downey noted that the resurrection replaces that with courage.

“The hope and promise of this resurrection is that we don’t have to be afraid,” Downey said. “I can’t help but think that during this time of COVID, when we were locked down, and we were all kind of hiding in our houses, and our houses almost became like, tombs, and we were buried in our own tombs. And now we’re just praying for the symbolism of resurrection in our own lives.”

She continued: “It’s always our hope that believers will come and see the movie on Discovery+, but there’s also the opportunity, maybe the people that don’t know anything about Jesus, that don’t know anything about the story will come and just tuned in, because it’s a good movie. We’re just praying for hearts to be transformed this Easter.”

Another goal that Downey has for the movie is that it helps families focus on the heart and soul behind Easter.

“We get a little distracted around this time of year with Easter bunnies, and Easter eggs and Easter egg hunts. There’s a place for all of that, and it’s cute and fun, and kids love it. And it’s appropriate. I love chocolate egg as much as the next person. But I think we also have to remember the true meaning of the holiday,” Downey said. “This is the cornerstone of our faith, this is the most important miracle in our Bible. And it occurred so that we don’t have to be afraid.”

Downey also recognized the importance of showing children entertainment that reflects biblical values.

“We all want to see shows that reflect the values that we believe, that we teach into our kids,” Downey said. “I really hope that people will come in and subscribe and enjoy the movie together with their family.”

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