Roman Collins, CeCe Winans Perform ‘Goodness of God’ on AMERICAN IDOL

Photo from CeCe Winans’ Instagram

Roman Collins, CeCe Winans Perform ‘Goodness of God’ on AMERICAN IDOL

By Movieguide® Contributor

AMERICAN IDOL contestant Roman Collins returned to the show to bring the Gospel to the season finale with CeCe Winans.

The duo performed “Goodness of God.”

The lyrics read:

I love You, LordFor Your mercy never fails meAll my days, I’ve been held in Your handsFrom the moment that I wake upUntil I lay my headOh, I will sing of the goodness of God
‘Cause all my life You have been faithfulAnd all my life You have been so, so goodWith every breath that I am ableOh, I will sing of the goodness of God
The video would often cut to Katie Perry, who could be seen with tears in her eyes, as well as former IDOL winner Fantasia Barrino who sang and worshipped along.

Following the performance, Collins shared the moment on his social media and expressed his shock at being able to perform with Winans.

“WOW 🥹• The video is already at now 22 MILLION VIEWS (earlier it was 7) 😭. God you’re so faithful,” Collins wrote. “I got to minister with CeCe Winans in front of America & FANTASIA ON PENTECOST SUNDAY 🥲”

“Wow. God really loves me, it’s always a pleasure and full circle moment working with friends and family.” he added.

Within the series of photos and videos Collins shared, he included a video of him and Winans praying together before the performance.

One of Collins’ followers commented on the post and mentioned the heartfelt prayer between the two artists.

“So proud!!!!!! 🙏🏾 It’s all about the 4th slide 🥹 TGBTG! ☝🏽,” the follower wrote.

Winans also shared the experience on her Instagram, writing, “It was an honor to sing #GoodnessofGod with you @romancollinsofficial! ❤️”

In a Wednesday post, she added, “So thankful to see what God is doing. Amazed by the opportunity that @americanidol gave myself and @romancollinsofficial to share the news of God’s goodness to all. God was SO present!”

To sing a song that praises God’s goodness in front of millions of people on a predominantly secular stage is something neither artist will ever forget.

While Collins didn’t win, he made it to the Top 12 this season, and his performance with Winans has already found its way to the radio.

“I was on the phone with my bro and he told me I was on the radio with @CeCeWinans,” Collins wrote an Instagram video. “I ran to the car shirtless just to turn on @K-LOVE. THANK YOU Lord.”

Movieguide® previously reported on Winans:

Gospel star CeCe Winans is sharing the advice she would give her younger self. 

“I would just say, ‘Chill out,’” she said during an appearance on TBN’s PRAISE. “You know, you worry about things because for some reason, you don’t think God is going to handle it. And I can look back and say, ‘Man, everything I had to face, he was right there, and he really did step up to the plate, and he took care of it.’”

She added that, while things “didn’t turn out the way [I] thought,” it was “really better” than any plans she might have had. 

“I would tell my younger self, ‘Just trust God,’” Winans concluded. 

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