Sacramento County Removes Illegal Ban on Religious Marriage Ceremonies

Sacramento County has backed down from a ban on conducting religious marriage ceremonies after attorneys from the Pacific Justice Institute wrote county officials a letter pointing out the unconstitutionality and illegality of the ban.

The letter was sent after a counter clerk illegally told Manuel Zamorano that he could not mention God during a marriage ceremony, although Zamorano does not work for the county and the ceremony was not being conducted on County property.

The county has issued a ruling stating that “Deputy Commissioners of Civil Marriages” are free to use any wording of their choice or of the couple’s choice.

“I am thankful that the County has changed its position and now realizes it is okay to mention God or Jesus Christ at a wedding,” Zamorano said.

Of course, as Pacific Justice Institute President Brad Dacus says, “The First Amendment mandates that government cannot ban religious references while allowing other types of ceremonies.”

MOVIEGUIDE® is very disturbed that any government official would try to ban the mention of God or Jesus Christ at a marriage ceremony of all things. This unconstitutional, illegal and wicked attempt is typical of the radical leftist, atheist attacks on America and Western Civilization’s biblical, Christian heritage, including the traditional definition of marriage and family. Political, government and religious leaders (and alleged journalists) who tolerate these evil attacks should be vigorously condemned and rejected.

If these demonic attacks succeed, we can kiss our Godly, Christian and Constitutional liberties in the West goodbye!

– Source:  Pacific Justice Institute, 06/02/09.