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Sadie Robertson Huff, Lauren Daigle Talk Conquering Fear Through Faith

Photo from Sadie Robertson Huff’s Instagram

Sadie Robertson Huff, Lauren Daigle Talk Conquering Fear Through Faith

By Movieguide® Contributor

Sadie Robertson Huff and Lauren Daigle recently discussed how they “live original” and conquer fear through faith.

“I love how whenever you listen to the songs, it’s so relatable and it’s so fun,” Huff said of Daigle’s recent album. “Then all of a sudden, you’re like, ‘Wow, this is so Jesus.’ You’re strengthened in your faith, but it’s also so personal at the same time.”

Daigle just released the single “Thank God I Do” from her self-titled album.

“This is my most precious project,” Daigle said of the album, “It’s got fun moments, solemn moments, extrovert moments and introvert moments. And I’m just thrilled about taking my songwriting further on this record than anything I’ve done previously.”

Huff added that she previously preached a similar message about how “our spiritual life and our personal life shouldn’t be two different things” and asked the singer how she blends those elements and lives “original.”

Daigle shared that, when making music, she asks, “God, where are those core elements that were a part of me before anything ever came in and touched that?”

“I do live original,” she continued but admitted there are times when it’s difficult for her to do so. 

Daigle said, “When you partner with God…when you get closer to your purpose on this Earth, you get closer to just actually living original. You get closer to living free. You get closer to being exactly who it is that He created you to be.”

“There is something about finding your purpose that allows you to not necessarily look at people to validate you,” she continued. “You start to say, ‘God, I am doing what you’ve called. Is this the way you want me to walk?’ Your steps get lighter.”

Huff agreed, saying, “That’s something God has been showing me, that I have to constantly weed out fear…More than ever, I’m leaning on who God made me to be.”

Huff frequently talks about using faith to conquer her fears. 

“I was once filled with fear and let fear lead me,” she wrote in an essay for Relevant. “This made my picture even messier. Once I turned my WHOLE heart back to God, things began to change. The big picture began to show up and the dots began to connect. I put on a fearless posture and learned to let God lead and show His beauty. I know I still have many dots ahead of me, but I’m choosing to walk in beauty lead by peace and will confidently walk forward. God is creating my story. It’s a story of strength, pursuit, and reckless love; an epic journey shaped by confidence, redemption, a life of freedom, and living fearless.”

Movieguide® previously reported:

In a recent podcast, DUCK DYNASTY’s mother and daughter duo, Korie Robertson and Sadie Robertson Huff, talk about anxiety and how we should respond to it.

“Fear is a normal human reaction, you’re going to be afraid of things that are scary,” Huff said. “I don’t really think that you should live fearless, I think if you don’t have any fear, you don’t have much wisdom.”

Huff went on to explain the difference between fear and anxiety, and how anxiety controlled her life for so long.  “You’re going to feel the emotion of fear, that’s a normal thing, but there’s a difference in feeling it and almost like bowing to it and living in it.  I think, you know, for a time in my life I was bowing to it, like fear was driving the ship of my life. If I felt afraid, I wasn’t doing it. If I felt afraid, I was getting out of the room.”

Robertson and Huff also talk about how they use the Word of God and God’s promises to conquer fear in their lives.

“This is not something new that people are anxious or people worry, I mean Jesus addressed it… over and over again. Old Testament, New Testament, so it’s not something new,” Robertson shared.

“God has an abundant life for us, he has a life and he tells us ‘do not fear for I am with you’. And you know when we are followers of Jesus he tells us, he’s like, I’m going and I’m leaving the spirit with you we have the spirit of God in us so we have we should be walking differently.”

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