Sadie Robertson Huff Talks ‘Raising Mentally Strong Kids’ with Dr. Daniel Amen

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Sadie Robertson Huff Talks ‘Raising Mentally Strong Kids’ with Dr. Daniel Amen

By Movieguide® Contributor

Sadie Robertson Huff recently hosted author Dr. Daniel Amen on her podcast, and the brain disorder specialist shared the “best brain health advice” Huff has ever received.

“The most important strategy to raising mentally strong kids is to model the message,” Amen said. “You have to be mentally strong yourself or your messiness will get passed down and you don’t want that.”

Huff previously hosted Amen on her podcast in 2021, when they discussed how to counter anxiety. Movieguide® reported:

Regarding a response of gratitude in times of anxiety, Dr. Amen said, “It’s a daily practice just like working out.”

“If you can focus on what you love about your life,” Dr. Amen continues, “your brain actually works better. When you focus on fear, it turns off your frontal lobes and just gives free reign to the anxiety.”

…Dr. Amen revealed that he begins the day with the mental note, “Today is going to be a great day.” He said that this simple practice helps him acknowledge what is suitable throughout the day instead of what’s wrong.

Dr. Amen said on the podcast’s March 27 episode, “I’m doing a lot of research on adverse childhood experiences. There’s a questionnaire from 0 to 10 how many bad things happened to you when you were a child from physical, emotional, sexual abuse, neglect, parents struggling with an addiction, a mental health problem, prison, and I’m a one. My wife’s an eight.”

He said his wife “actually wrote a book called ‘The Relentless Courage of a Scared Child,’ and if she hadn’t have gotten help to deal with that childhood trauma, she would have gifted it to [our] children.”

Huff knows that her audience will question whether it’s too late to make efforts toward their mental health if their children are already teens or of adult age. So she asked Amen what he wants to say to the people who have doubts.

“To the person who thinks am I too late to get on this train, you know, if your children are 40 and you get yourself more mentally strong in your interactions, you’re always going to be their mother,” he said. “You’re always going to be their father. So I often say it’s never too late to have a better brain and a better life…and it’s never too late to have better relationships and a better life.”

Amen founded Amen Clinics, specialty centers around the U.S. that examine patients’ “biological, psychological, social, and spiritual influences” to determine mental health issues. According to the Amen Clinics’ website, his methods offer a more comprehensive approach than typical psychiatry.

Amen shared that kids’ mental health is at risk more than ever before, and medications aren’t a permanent solution. It’s the parents who can make a change. That’s why he wrote “Raising Mentally Strong Kids” with Dr. Charles Fay. The book helps parents transform their brain health, which in turn transforms their child’s.

The book just released on March 26. Dr. Amen posted on Instagram on Tuesday:

My new book Raising Mentally Strong Kids is OUT WORLDWIDE – Amazon, Barnes and Noble, Target, wherever you get your books! Comment if you got your copy and your favorite parts of the book.

Raising mentally strong kids starts with YOU – having a great brain and being mentally strong yourself to be the best role model to your children.

Thanks to all who preordered and supported!

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