Sean Murray Responds to Rumors That This Is the End for NCIS’ McGee

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Sean Murray Responds to Rumors That This Is the End for NCIS’ McGee

By Movieguide® Staff

Note: This article contains spoilers for Season 18 of NCIS. 

Although fans were elated to hear the news that Mark Harmon would return as Leroy Jethro Gibbs on season 18, the most recent episodes now have fans worried about Tim McGee’s future (Sean Murray) on the show. 

In a shocking opening to the 18th season, which many people believe will be Harmon’s last on NCIS, Gibbs shoots presumed team member McGee with a sniper. The premiere confused fans for months until the show finally answered their questions in the CBS show’s back-to-back episodes. 

In short, Gibbs shoots McGee to prevent him from getting on a plane full of explosives, saving his life. Unfortunately, by the end of the second episode, McGee is in a hospital with severe injuries, which left fans wondering if this might be the end of McGee’s run on NCIS.  

However, fans can breathe a sigh of relief, for now, as Sean Murray said that future episodes would tackle the new dynamic between Gibbs and McGee — meaning McGee lives. 

“A lot of it is not necessarily just physical but emotional,” Murray told TVInsider. “Just wrestling with and coming to terms with — even in the situation of it being done to save your life — the fact that somebody so close to you, that’s like a father figure to you, more so than even your real father was, shoots you.”

Both Harmon and Murray were in the debut season of NCIS in 2003, and many fans believe the show will never be the same without them.  

However, fans can expect to see the titular NCIS duo on the small screen for a while longer.