On Set Heaven Is For Real

By Evy Baehr, Executive Managing Editor

Sony Affirm is making HEAVEN IS FOR REAL, based on the best selling novel. HEAVEN IS FOR REAL follows the story of a little boy, Colton, who literally dies, goes to Heaven, and returns. His accounts of Heaven are supported by verses from the Bible. Colton also tells his parents that he met his sister in Heaven, though he never met his sister because she died in his mother’s womb.

Movieguide® had the opportunity to meet the real family in the story on the set of HEAVEN IS FOR REAL.

The family shared that many people have been reached with the Gospel from the books, seeing the truth of life after death. They hope even more people will be reached when the movie comes to theaters on April 16.

Finding the perfect actor to play Colton was a key aspect to making the movie, leading casting agents to search all over the country. After finding Connor Corum, a young Canadian, to play Colton, the movie was on its way. Connor had never acted before and is really “all boy,” says Actor Greg Kinnear, who plays Colton’s father in the flick. Kinnear is an Oscar-winning actor who, hopefully, will bring depth to the character as he questions how God wants the family to use Colton’s experience.

Having Randall Wallace as the director, the movie looks like it will have great acting and good quality overall. Quality is key to show that Heaven is not just a concept but is real. T.D. Jakes has also gotten on board as a producer of the movie.

Todd Burpo, co-author of the book HEAVEN IS FOR REAL, says, “God picked Joe Roth [the movie’s other producer] and T.D. Jakes and really selected them. I knew at the beginning that these were the guys that God trusted.”

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