Shannon Bream on Comforting Those Dealing with Loss: ‘Just Show Up’

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Shannon Bream on Comforting Those Dealing with Loss: ‘Just Show Up’

By Movieguide® Contributor

Fox News anchor Shannon Bream is sharing biblical teachings on friendship and caring for those dealing with loss in her new book The Love Stories of the Bible Speak.

“We have these stories of romance in the Bible, we have deep friendships, we have God’s love that’s after us and unconditional,” Bream said when asked what stands out to her from her book.

The book dives into the stories of these relationships and pulls out the eternal lessons and takeaways, providing guidance on how to live today.

One friendship that she highlighted were Job’s friends Eliphaz, Bildad and Zophar.

“[Job’s] friends came to meet with him, these three guys who wanted to comfort him, and when they saw him even from far away, they were so stunned by the bad shape that he was in, completely devastated, they began weeping. But they showed up and they sat with him for 7 days without saying a word,” Bream explained.

“So often when we know somebody who has suffered a terrible loss, we hesitate to reach out because we feel awkward or worry our words will come out all wrong,” Bream reads from her book. “Just do it. Looking away from a friend’s pain will always be the wrong strategy. Plunge into the anguish with them. Just show up.”

Movieguide® has previously reported on Bream’s newest book:

Fox News anchor Shannon Bream recently announced her newest book The Love Stories of the Bible Speak on Instagram, set to release on March 28. 

“I’m so excited to reveal the newest book in our series about the beautiful, challenging stories of the Bible!” Bream wrote in an Instagram post. “Love Stories of The Bible looks at romance, friendship, community and God’s unconditional love for YOU.”

“What does the Bible actually say about sex and romance? Plenty! I hope you enjoy these inspiring characters!” she added. 

“This is the third in this trilogy, and it is full of what we’re all looking for which is love in our lives. Whether it’s romantic, whether it’s friendship, there are so many fascinating examples in the Bible,” Bream explained in a Fox News interview. 

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