Sorry, Dave, Adultery Is Not Good Comedy

By Dr. Ted Baehr, Publisher, and David Outten, Production Editor

Late-night talk show host David Letterman spent over nine minutes the other night explaining that he had been blackmailed for getting sexually involved with female staff members. His presentation of the story included no sign of remorse for his own actions. In fact, he implied it was to be expected he would do such things with staffers. Throughout his explanation, he sought and got laughs from clueless members of his studio audience.

While we certainly do not condone blackmail, Letterman’s light-hearted attitude toward his own behavior is an indication of moral bankruptcy. Letterman joked about “creepy things” that he was being blackmailed for and said he was “a towering mass of Lutheran Midwestern guilt.” Clearly, he understood that many people would see his habit of having sexual relations with staffers as wrong behavior.

He closed by joking, “I know what you’re thinking, ‘I’ll be darned, Dave’s had sex.'”

What David Letterman needs to learn is that, for all his fame and money, the best thing he could have right now is a profound life-transforming sense of guilt. A gut-wrenching, knee-bending sense of guilt can lead to forgiveness, cleansing, and freedom from sin. Jesus came to take the guilt of mankind on himself, but if you don’t really feel guilt for sleeping with staffers, or other “creepy” things you do, you will remain mired in sin. You may even become numb to a sense of guilt. But, the day will come when every person, including celebrities and staff members, will come before God for Judgment. On that day, you will either feel the full weight of your guilt or you will be praising Jesus for the forgiveness and deliverance you sought and received.

We’ve all done “creepy” things. Adultery is not the only sin. The cure for guilt is not to redefine sin as acceptable behavior. The cure is forgiveness, salvation, and freedom.

Sin has horrible natural consequences. God forbids sin because it is destructive. If we attempt to convince society that one sin or another is actually good behavior, we will still reap the consequences of that behavior.

Families are destroyed and children hurt by adultery. Rampant sex outside of marriage is a sure way to fill hospitals, prisons, welfare rolls, and cemeteries. More than 500,000 Americans have died of AIDS, yet the media and many politicians constantly encourage people, including children as young as kindergarten age (!!!), to consider sodomy acceptable behavior.

Sin is not a laughing matter. It is grounds for a profound sense of guilt and a sincere call to God for forgiveness.