Stars Talk the Power of Comedy at MR. BIRCHUM Premiere

Photo from Adam Carolla’s Instagram

Stars Talk the Power of Comedy at MR. BIRCHUM Premiere

By Movieguide® Contributor

Movieguide®’s Jeremy Carrol joined the stars on the red carpet for the premiere of the Daily Wire’s first animated comedy MR. BIRCHUM. He discussed how comedy spreads the truth and can be a vehicle for people to listen. The cast and crew had plenty to say on the subject.

“We’ve gotten too far away from that,” Megyn Kelly (who voices Windi Birchum) said. “I mean, the country lost its mind over the past 10 years and, in particular, the last three, and there’s starting to be this correction to it. This is part of that. I do think certainly everybody on the right, but I think there are lefties too who are good and ready to laugh and, you know, poke at all the sacred cows the way we used to, and it’s a unifying experience, not divisive.”

The series is making its mark by challenging taboo topics.

Comedian TJ Miller opened up about the importance of free speech in comedy.
“I think that satire kind of, in some ways, doesn’t have as much of a place as it used to, and that’s what all of us are talking about with comedy and what can you say and people running on stage and trying to fight people for saying this,” he said. “It’s ridiculous. It’s totally unacceptable, but that’s why, I kind of like the Daily Wire because they’re like, ‘Yeah we’re not really going to do all that.'”

Sage Steele (who voiced Deena in the series) weighed in on covering subjects typically off-limits in Hollywood.

“There’s so much seriousness and I understand because they’re serious topics but we can if we can add some levity to it,” she said. “I actually think it’s a great way to communicate. We need more of it. So thank goodness for the Daily Wire.”

She opened up about what it was like to film satire in the current climate of cancel culture.
“It’s just fun to be able to actually go out there and like, act out in that way, and it’s okay,” Steele added. “I’m not going to get canceled, or I might — but it’s okay [because] I’ve already been canceled so much.”

Show creator Adam Corolla spoke with the “Morning Wire Podcast” about what viewers should expect from MR. BIRCHUM.

“Whatever turn society takes and whatever bothers regular folk, normal people, we will skewer,” Carolla said. “So Birchum just sort of represents normal people who don’t get any of this crap.”

The actor posted a photo to Instagram of the cast and crew from the series premiere.

He captioned the pic: “The live premiere of MR. BIRCHUM is happening NOW on DailyWire+! Watch it here: mrbirchum.com”

The series features a star-studded cast including Roseanne Barr, Brett Cooper and Alonzo Bodden, among others.

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