Tamera Mowry-Housley and Family Choose to Lean on God Amidst Tragic Heartbreak

Tamera Mowry-Housley and Family Choose to Lean on God Amidst Tragic Heartbreak

By Tess Farrand, Staff Writer

Last Wednesday evening, tragedy struck Thousand Oak, California and the greater L.A. area in a big way. At a local country western hot spot called Borderline Bar and Grill, an active shooter opened fire on Borderline guests, taking the lives of twelve individuals. Of those who lost their lives was Alaina Housley, niece of actress Tamera Mowry-Housley. Amid this challenging time of grief for Tamera and her family, they stand united, leaning on God to get her through the peaks and valleys of their heartbreak.

Tamera along with her twin sister Tia, starred in the popular TV series SISTER SISTER growing up. After a five-year run on air, the young stars chose to further their education at the collegiate levee attending Pepperdine University. Tamera married her husband, a former Fox News reporter Adam Housley, who also attended Pepperdine, and, in 2010, gained Alaina as a niece.














For a brief time after the shooting, Tamera, Tia and the Housley family were searching for Alaina, but her Apple watch and phone tracked her to Borderline which was hosting its weekly “college night.” After the news of her passing, Tamera took to Instagram to share a touching tribute of her late niece.

Like her aunt, Alaina also was a Pepperdine “Wave.” Alaina was in her freshman year at the four-year university studying English and involved in the choir. Originally from Napa Valley, California, Alaina was laid to rest in her hometown on Sunday morning surrounded by her loved ones.

Going forward from the shooting Tamera, her husband Adam and Alaina’s father Arik, have openly spoken about the need for change in our world and how that change starts with our hearts. In an interview with CBS THIS MORNING, Tamera said, “Alaina was beautiful, she was my friend.” She continued to express her desire for people to turn towards empathy rather than judgment and criticism, “you start with imagining ‘wait a minute what if that was my child niece, or my niece or my cousin?’ It’ll get you in a place of just having some sort of human decency.”

Tamera and her family’s faith and humble attitude during this tragic time even has secular news outlets noticing. Norah O’Donnell pointed out, “it’s interesting their … not angry, but they’re trying to enact some real reform around a conversation.” Likewise, E! highlights, “This may not be the fight that Tamera and her family ever hoped to find themselves on the front lines of, but a tragic twist of fate has found them there.” The article continues, “it’s through their faith and their dedication to one another that they’re quickly becoming leaders in a cause that sorely needs one. And, that’s something worth believing in.”

Currently, Tamera is taking a hiatus from her hosting responsibilities on THE REAL while her family regroups and leans on the Lord. In addition, the family has set up “Alaina’s Voice Foundation,” in Alaina’s memory that seeks to end gun violence in light of recent shootings around the U.S.

Please lift to up the Housley family and the other victim’s families in your prayers.