TAYA’s New Single Emphasizes Trust In God: ‘I Can’t Do It Without Him’

Photo from Taya Gaukrodger’s Instagram

TAYA’s New Single Emphasizes Trust In God: ‘I Can’t Do It Without Him’

By Movieguide® Contributor

Christian artist TAYA says her latest single is all about “trusting in God.”

When asked about the inspiration for her new song, “Gonna Be Good,” TAYA pointed to her husband. 

“He felt like he got that message from the Holy Spirit before we were moving to America,” she told Relevant Magazine. “There were a lot of unknowns and things that could cause worry if we chose to go down that route. He felt this word from God that we’re meant to trust and be joyful, which is a really funny combination because you would think when you trust in God, you’re trusting in His character, you’re trusting in who He is. He’s omnipresent, He’s omniscient, He knows everything. Nothing is a surprise to Him, nothing shakes Him. He is true, infallible, eternal God — which should be enough for us.”

TAYA continued, “But again, we’re humans and we have doubts. We allow things to creep in. But then so many times we can trust God, and still have these little attitudes of like, I trust you, but this sucks. And my husband really felt we were meant to trust and be joyful, which means that you truly do let go of the worry and you let go of the fear of the unknown.”

New Music

TAYA took that message of trust to heart, especially as she started writing new music. 

“I really wanted to hear a word from God because I can’t do it without Him,” she said. “I needed direction, so I waited. Eventually He spoke to me through birds through this scripture in Matthew 6 that says to cease from your worry about money.”

TAYA continued, “I felt like God was speaking into all of it for me. And He was saying, ‘Get your eyes off yourself, look up at the birds.’ And in Matthew 6, it talks about how they are careless in the care of God, about how they are just obeying the instincts that God has placed within them. They don’t gather for food, and they don’t freak out. They don’t have a place to rest their heads. But God provides for them. And how much more does our Heavenly Father know what we need? And so I was having that revelation in January of last year as I was starting to write new music.”

TAYA elaborated on “Gonna Be Good”’s message in an Instagram post. 

“This song is a joy-filled reminder of God’s faithfulness and His care towards us in every season,” she wrote. “What I’m trying to do here is to get you to relax, to not be so preoccupied with getting, so you can respond to God’s giving. People who don’t know God and the way he works fuss over these things, but you know both God and how he works. Steep your life in God-reality, God-initiative, God-provisions. Don’t worry about missing out. You’ll find all your everyday human concerns will be met.”

Movieguide® previously reported:

Christian artist TAYA just released the first single, “Gonna Be Good,” off her upcoming album.

“Going off a word I felt from the Lord, as I started writing for this next project it seemed I had a lot of concerns under the surface,” TAYA explained of the song’s inspiration. “So classic God, He used scripture and a melody to get my attention and in turn my confession realigned. My eyes were lifted, and my heart opened — ready to soar into the next thing God had for us. I may not know what comes next (a baby!!, stepping out yet again, touring as a family?!!) but I know that, with God, it’s Gonna Be Good!”

On Tour

TAYA is currently on tour in Europe and the UK. 

“It never gets old getting to witness how God is moving in and through these nights on the God Loves You Tour,” she wrote on Instagram. “The joy of getting to gather together in one accord, lifting up the only name worthy of praise & adoration, King Jesus and the invitation to put Him first through the words of my friend @franklin_graham. Truly an honour to get to be here — to God be the glory, forever.”


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