Teaching Young Girls that God Values Them Is Vitally Important!

Teaching Young Girls that God Values Them Is Vitally Important!

By Lisa Thornton Stillwell, Contributing Writer

Finding real love is the dream of many girls. However, today’s society hardly understands true love. All they know is what the media shows them. These days love is tainted and often portrayed as less than it should be. It has become an action that can no longer be trusted. It does not protect, and instead, it mocks the very nature of God.

For instance, think about the Harvey Weinstein Case? If all the allegations against him are right, and he harassed young girls and women so they could move up the ladder of success, then this is a horrible definition of love. In fact, this is not loving at all. We need more significant and accurate descriptions of love. This brings me to an upcoming family Christmas comedy movie called THE FARMER AND THE BELLE.

If produced well, then THE FARMER AND THE BELLE may be a hilarious, family Romantic Comedy based on Christian Values. This Christmas movie is based on a true story of how Jim E Chandler (the Farmer) pursued Jenn Gotzon (the Belle) with the heart of Jesus healing her wounds with God’s real love. Jim and Jenn also play romantic leads in the upcoming movies SAVING FAITH from Lionsgate Films, THE COLORS OF EMILY (which releases Nov. 28), and SINKING SAND from Sony. They will share their real love story in THE FARMER AND THE BELLE, which comes out Thanksgiving 2018. The movie is about finding love when you least expect it and allowing God to show you who that perfect person is. The most beautiful love doesn’t have to happen in a prestigious place but can even occur on a pig farm just like it does in THE FARMER AND THE BELLE.

So, what is real love and what will happen if we don’t pass on proper values to young girls?

First of all, young girls will grow up not loving themselves for the person that God created them to be. Let’s face it! Society teaches that beauty comes from outward appearance. You have to be thin, have no blemishes on your face, wear the proper clothing, etc. Then, if you are slightly overweight or even have to get braces on your teeth, it makes you fear to look into the mirror or smile in the mornings.

This is sad. Young girls too often don’t like who they see because they do not measure up to the world’s standards.

Secondly, if young girls grow up viewing mistreatment without ever seeing real love being modeled, then the stakes grow higher for them to pick spouses who aren’t kind to them. They will run after a person who lives contrary to the Word of God. This too is sad because God desires so much more for them! God designed relationships to be a gift to mankind.

Finally, children don’t automatically learn values. Someone somewhere had to teach them, whether it’s a parent, grandparent or even a Sunday School teacher.

Think about Harvey Weinstein again. What if he had made a different choice? Think about all the people he could have influenced for the better?

When it comes right down to it, therefore, you have two options. You can follow the darkness, or follow the light. That is up to you!

The romantic comedy THE FARMER AND THE BELLE was written by students of MOVIEGUIDE® Publisher Ted Baehr’s class “How to Succeed in Hollywood (Without Losing Your Soul)” and will release Thanksgiving 2018. The producers will be sending out free gifts when this family, Christmas comedy releases. Click here to receive the promo code www.ChristmasComedyMovie.com. The students who worked on the script include Jenn Gotzon Chandler, Reuben Evans, James M. De Vince, and Amy Julian. The script was also a collaboration of many other talents, including Jim E. Chandler, Billy Falcon, Paul De Rose, Derrick Warfel, Chip Rossetti, Lisa Stillwell, Ginger Beggs, Michael Rinaldi, and Erin Smalley.

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