THE CHOSEN Series Halfway Funded for Season 2

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THE CHOSEN Series Halfway Funded for Season 2

By Tess Farrand, Associate Content Editor

Faith-filled series THE CHOSEN is halfway funded for a second season. THE CHOSEN broke crowd-funding records in its first season, and fans raved about the series since its debut last year.

Rather than using the traditional crowd-funding method used for Season 1, THE CHOSEN allows fans to “pay it forward” by donating money so people can watch the Season 1 episodes for free.

Season 1 has more than 34 million views according, THE CHOSEN’s app.

Fans also raved about Jonathan Roumie, who was cast as a personable, approachable Jesus.

Roumie won Movieguide®’s  Grace® Prize for Most Inspiring Performance in TV for his portrayal of Jesus.

“I believe that God has had this plan for me from the time I was 12 years old,” said Roumie, who plays Jesus, in an interview with Movieguide ®’s Evy Baehr Carroll.

Roumie added that his faith grew “exponentially” because of THE CHOSEN.

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Despite the success of the series, THE CHOSEN’s creator, Dallas Jenkins said, “There’s no amount of success THE CHOSEN could have that would make me believe I’m responsible for it.”

Instead, the team attributes it all to people’s desire to access the Gospel in new and entertaining way.

You can stream season 1 if you download The Chosen app from the app store.

For more updates on season 2, keep checking back to Movieguide®.

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